Geoffrey Zakarian Says The Boiling Water Spoon Trick Actually Works

Famous chefs are notorious for sharing their handy kitchen hacks. These tips make our experiences in the kitchen more pleasant and less time-consuming. These kitchen tips and tricks are often so helpful that we may pass them down to our friends and family members (via Your Info Bucket). Over time, kitchen hacks have become a way of everyday cooking in our own kitchens. They often turn a simple recipe into our very own culinary piece of art.

Over the years, Curtis Stone shared his kitchen hack for egg cartons, while Gordon Ramsay shared his how-to tip to perfectly fry eggs. With hacks and tricks like these, we wonder if we'd be the cooks we are today without them. Luckily, celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian has a unique hack for us. This trick prevents water from boiling over and creating a mess. It's a clever hack we wish we would've thought of first.

Use a wooden spoon

We've all been there; you're boiling a pot of water, and you turn your back for only a moment. That's when the water begins to boil over, causing a watery mess all over the stove. Geoffrey Zakarian's hack for keeping that boiling water inside the pot saves you from these messy mishaps.

Wooden spoons come in handy for many things in the kitchen. Primarily used for stirring, wooden spoons are a kitchen staple every cook needs. Geoffrey Zakarian claims that these utensils can help in another very unexpected way. He says to place a wooden spoon across the top of a pot of boiling water. According to People, the famous chef says that when the bubbles from the boiling water touch the cool, dry wood of the spoon, they burst, releasing the steam. This prevents the water from boiling over.

If you don't have a wooden spoon, try tossing an ice cube into the pot as the water froths up. According to Stack Exchange, the drastic temperature change causes the frothy bubbles to stop in their tracks, which prevents the water from spilling over.