Gordon Ramsay's Trick For Perfect Fried Eggs

Fried eggs aren't just the perfect addition to your traditional breakfast pancakes, bacon, and sausage. Greatist says they also make an excellent topping for huevos rancheros pizza, baked potatoes, quinoa salads, and cheeseburgers. Adding a fried egg to top off your favorite menu item is a feature that many restaurants offer, and now you can easily create your own dish at home.

You must follow a few essential "rules" to achieve the perfectly cooked egg, though, and Delish names the first as choosing the right pan. They recommend using a non-stick skillet, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay agrees. In a recent TikTok video, he teaches us to fry the perfect egg, using a non-stick skillet and a few simple ingredients: oil, salt, butter, and fresh eggs. Yum!

With these few easy tips for frying the protein, you'll be on your way to slingin' eggs like your favorite diner cook in no time. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Gordon Ramsay's trick will elevate your fried eggs and create a creamy, irresistibly delicious finish.

Just add butter

In Gordon Ramsay's TikTok video, he teaches us that frying the perfect egg is quite simple. First, he places a drizzle of oil into a heated non-stick skillet. Next, he gently cracks two fresh eggs and puts them into the pan, then sprinkles salt and pepper over each egg. He allows them to slowly cook as he places pats of butter around the sides of each egg. The butter melts and froths up, cooking the eggs to golden perfection. Ramsay makes sure to move the pan around to allow the frothy butter to move to the top of the egg as it finishes cooking. Finally, he removes the eggs from the heat. The famous chef places the fried eggs atop his favorite dish. You may do the same or eat them alone.

If you're curious about why you'd use butter for cooking fried eggs, Nola tells us that butter gives the eggs a creamy finish. Greatist says that butter's fat content adds a unique flavor to eggs; however, they warn about the health aspect of butter.

Medline Plus states that butter contains saturated fats, which have the potential to lead to heart disease and other health issues. Eggs also contain saturated fats. The National Dietary Guidelines clearly state that a healthy person can consume one egg per day without increasing cholesterol or their risk for heart disease. Keep everything within moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.