The Best Type Of Condiment To Spice Up Canned Tuna

Chances are, you have a few cans of tuna stashed away in the back of your pantry. Fortunately, there's a new way to elevate that can of fish, and we aren't referring to mayo.

When you think about cooking with a can of tuna, boiled eggs, salad dressing, relish, and celery may come to mind. Tuna salad makes a delicious meal, but you can only consume it so many times before you're ready to move on from the dish. Don't give up on your tuna yet, though.

Tuna is one of the leanest proteins available, and it's packed with nutrients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that tuna contains a whopping 26 grams of protein per serving. Livestrong lists bluefin and yellowfin tuna as the highest in protein compared to other species. Tuna is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the levels of "bad" cholesterol in the body (via Web MD).

So, dust off those cans of tuna; you'll want to try these condiments to spice up your tuna and tickle your tastebuds.

Raid the condiment shelf

Go ahead and raid the condiment shelf for tuna additions that will turn a simple can of tuna into a fantastic, mouthwatering meal. Bon Appétit tells us to think outside of the box. Turn that two-dollar can of fish into a fancy snack with one simple ingredient. What is the ingredient that spices up a regular can of tuna? Condiments!

Bon Appétit says that almost any spreadable condiment will transform a can of tuna. Mayonnaise, harissa, yuzu kosho, and Dijon mustard are examples. They also label preserved pickles, relishes, capers, chopped jalapeños, and chili flakes as excellent additions. Anything sweet, spicy, or fragrant is a good addition. Just remember to chop your mix-ins so that the tuna is spreadable.

Garlic Delight puts its own twist on tuna by suggesting creating a tuna base with Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or crème fraîche. Again, anything spreadable will do, and adding a little crunch doesn't seem like a bad idea either. Toppings such as herbs, nuts, onion, garlic, and grapes give that tuna the crunch you crave. Garlic Delight also suggests whipping up non-dairy versions of tuna fish using lemon juice or olive oil as the base.

Suppose you're still looking to add a little more substance to that can. In that case, Epicurious lists cheese, avocado, and beans as other tasty additions. These condiments and ingredient additions work well with canned mackerel and salmon. Just don't forget the bread and crackers!