Trader Joe's New Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce Has Fans Inspired

Trader Joe's is no stranger to exotic, unconventional flavor combinations. In recent months, the organic grocery giant released a spread starring Ube, the purple yam superstar of Filipino cuisine. TJ's Asian-inspired Mandarin Orange Chicken has retained the number-one spot at the Annual Customer Choice Awards for several years in a row, with Vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto topping the fan-favorite list as a runner-up at the 13th annual awards. 

Now, Trader Joe's is rolling out a new sauce featuring the international flavors that inspired the original Trader Joe himself. Introducing: Thai sweet ginger sauce, starring ingredients like coconut sugar, pickled garlic, and coriander. Folks can bring the flavors from their favorite Thai restaurants home with them in the palm of their hand. Instagram fan account @traderjoeslist posted a picture of the new product earlier this week. The account suggests using the thick, ginger-starring sauce for dipping fried shrimp or fried chicken –- and other TJ's fans are already thinking up more creative uses.

A sauce for all seasons

One @traderjoeslist Instagram user comments that the sauce would function well as a marinade with soy sauce and orange juice (similar to our Thai Chicken Curry recipe). In fact, the idea is reminiscent of the brine in TJ's Mandarin Orange Chicken — the Thai sauce could provide a fitting base for a spiced-up at-home dupe. Another user says they plan to slather the ginger sauce on roasted sweet potatoes. The sweet ginger sauce could even be used in place of classic tamarind for a fresh spin on Pad Thai. 

Plant-based shoppers and carnivores alike can put this new product to good use in the kitchen. But, the grocery aisles at Trader Joe's are famously something of a rotating door. In an episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, TJ's executive vice president for marketing and merchandise Mitch Heeger explained, "We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and we always say that, you know, customers vote with their dollars ... If something's not selling as well, we'll discontinue that product." So, if the new Thai sweet ginger sauce is a hit, rest assured the clock isn't ticking. But, just in case, Thai cuisine fans should be sure to try out the sauce while they can.