Why The Flat Whisk Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool

Does anyone really need more than one whisk? Aren't kitchen drawers crowded enough that we don't need to be adding more of these wiry messes into the mix? Sadly, an arsenal of whisks can be a huge asset when you're a serious home chef. Depending on their shape, size, and material, a good whisk can be used for a wide variety of cooking tasks, and the fact of the matter is that having the right tool for the job is an integral part of cooking and baking. Yes, you can make substitutions work, but there are cases when they just won't cut it — or in this case, "whisk it."

Whether a dough or danish, a whisk will do a great job of cutting through thick or heavy batters. A French metal whisk can fluff lighter batters, scrambled eggs, and vinaigrettes. A silicone whisk helps when cooking on more sensitive surfaces you don't want scratched. Another great variant of the classic whisk is the flat whisk which Taste of Home reports has a wide variety of uses.

Flat whisks will make quick work of sauces

A flat whisk is exactly what it sounds like. Think of a classic spherical balloon whisk and then flatten it down. It's a series of stainless-steel wires coming out of a handle that forms a rounded U-shape instead of the usual balloon. An immediate advantage of the flat whisk is that its flattened shape makes it much easier to clean (via Taste of Home). Fewer overlapping wires means less room for batters and other foods to get stuck inside. It also means it won't get tangled up as easily with other kitchen tools in your drawers.

While you're more than welcome to use the flat whisk as a stand-in for a balloon or French whisk, it really shines with sauces. Taste of Home notes that the flattened shape means other tines won't get in the way when it comes to deglazing the nooks and crannies of pots and pans. The flat whisk can easily scrape off any materials stuck to the bottom this way. Also, any food material won't get stuck between the tines, so it will stay where it belongs — in the sauce.

Southern Living also notes that the flat shape makes it great for a slotted spoon or spatula. They recommend keeping it handy when poaching eggs to gently lift them off the bottom of the pot. It can also be used in a pinch as a fish spatula.