Trader Joe's New Horchata Ice Cream Has Shoppers Excited

Trader Joe's has built quite the following since opening nearly 60 years ago. The company's first store opened in California in 1967, and has since expanded nationwide, according to the company's website. Its unique store-brand products are fan favorites, and Trader Joe's fancs are often quick to try new ones. Now, Trader Joe's has announced that it has started selling a new Horchata-flavored ice cream, and fans can't wait to get their hands on it!

Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink typically made from rice soaked in water, then sweetened with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar, per Cooking Classy. Depending on the recipe used, various nuts, milks, and other spices can be added. The smooth, creamy drink is the perfect companion to spicy foods — or on its own with a boozy twist, if that's more your style.

As the summer's weather heats up, the new ice cream flavor introduced by Trader Joe's is the perfect sweet treat to keep you cool.

Sweet with a cinnamon kick

The ice cream was spotted by Instagram user Trader Joe's List, a fan page for new Trader Joe's products. The cinnamon and rice-flavored ice cream also includes Horchata-flavored cookie pieces mixed in for a crunchy surprise.

The ingredients list, posted by Trader Joe's List, features cream, brown rice flour, cinnamon, sea salt, and cane sugar. Instagram user Trader Joe's Aficionado reports that the cinnamon flavor is not overwhelming, but noticeable enough to still be enjoyed. They also state that the cookie pieces are a great addition to the creamy ice cream base, since they add an extra dimension of texture, and recommend enjoying a scoop alongside a slice of apple cobbler.

This new ice cream joins Trader Joe's lineup of store brand ice creams, which already includes flavors like lemon shortbread, ube, matcha, and more. The horchata-inspired ice cream is rolling out to Trader Joe's stores, and being sold for $3.49 per pint.