Don't Freak Out If Your New Toaster Oven Is Smoking

You just got a new toaster oven and can't wait to test it out, but when you add your latest kitchen creation, you notice the appliance is smoking. It's a scenario that we're all too familiar with. Between the slowly billowing smoke and the smell of melting plastic, it can seem concerning. But, don't freak out. There's actually a logical reason why your new toaster is smoking.

A hybrid between a typical toaster and an oven, the appliance is multifunctional and can do anything from toast a bagel to bake a cake and even roast a chicken. Plus, these freestanding countertop toasters also give you additional space for cooking, which is particularly important for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In 1893, Hagley Museum explains that Alan MacMasters invented the first electric toaster. Drawing inspiration from the device, scientist William S. Hadaway developed the toaster oven almost two decades later, reports Food & Nutrition. Since then, Americans have embraced the appliance. Although it's a fixture in homes across the nation, it can be alarming when your toaster oven starts to smoke — here's what might be causing it. 

It's supposed to smoke a bit

Toaster Report notes that your toaster oven could be smoking for an array of reasons like leftover food debris or grease, residue from cleaning solutions, and even dust from keeping your oven in storage over time could be responsible for the haziness. However, a new toaster oven will be void of these problems, so why does it smoke?

While you'd imagine that a new appliance would be working in tip-top condition, Universal Appliance Repair explains that it's typical for a new toaster oven to smoke a bit during its first couple of uses because the heat is burning away a protective coating applied by manufacturers. You can minimize the haziness by cleaning your new toaster oven with a mild soap and drying completely before using, suggests CNET

Since burning off the protective coating will impart an unpleasant smell on your culinary creations, it's also wise to let your oven run on high for a bit before actually using it — and maybe crack open a window. If your new toaster oven continues to smoke after the first few uses, this could indicate appliance malfunction, in which case, you should definitely contact an expert.