Toaster Oven Parts

Get to know your favorite kitchen appliance

① Body: Toaster ovens have a metal (aluminum or stainless steel) exterior, with heating vents. In all the models we tested, the body does get very hot, so be careful with it. Most manufacturers advise placing your toaster oven a few inches from the walls or cabinets to avoid damage or overheating.

② Accessories: At the very least, a toaster oven comes with an appropriately sized baking pan. Others might come with additional pans, such as broiling racks or pizza pans. In cheaper models, these can be pretty flimsy, so you might want to invest in your own toaster oven-size bakeware.

③ Crumb Tray: Look for an easily removable crumb tray for the bottom of the toaster oven. It'll collect crumbs and drips and can be washed as needed.

④ Control Panel and Digital Display: Knobs or buttons generally control the preset cooking cycles, temperature, toast shade, cooking time and other functions. Many toaster ovens have a digital display that shows a cooking countdown, heat level and more.