This State Produces Almost All US-Grown Avocados

In guacamole, on toast, and even in dessert, the avocado's time is now. In 2020, avocado lovers worldwide consumed about $9 billion worth of the versatile fruit, and for 2019 and 2020, there were about eight pounds of avocados for every person in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Where do all these avocados come from?

Though the United States is a huge consumer of avocados, second only to Mexico, it doesn't produce that many avocados. Most of the avocados in the United States are imported ... $3 billion worth in 2021, or 1.2 metric tons; $2.8 billion of that, or 1.1 metric tons, came from Mexico, according to the USDA. A report from the department's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) shows that in 2020, the United States produced $426 million in avocados, or a little more than 206,000 tons. There are hundreds of kinds of avocados grown worldwide, ranging from the enormous Monroe variety, which weighs in at around 32 ounces, to the most common U.S. variety, the Hass, which weighs around eight ounces (per Think Avacado). 

Which state grows the most avocados?

It's California! According to NASS, the state of California grows roughly 90% of all the avocados in the United States, followed by the states of Florida and Hawaii. Most of the avocados in California are the Haas variety, which is native to the state. Avocados in the Golden State are a year-round crop, and while the average tree produces about 60 pounds of fruit, some trees can produce as much as 200 pounds in a single year. We have roughly 5,000 California growers to thank for their contribution, all of which must be harvested by hand (per Colorado State University's Food Source Information).

From sushi rolls to burritos, avocados pop up in cuisine all over the world. Avocado oil is fantastic in the kitchen, and even the seed, which is frequently just discarded, can be used to create a sweetener, a thickening agent, and is a source of lactic acid. Avocados are so much more than just a delicious topping for toast.