This May Be The Most Beautiful Starbucks Location In The World

Starbucks has come a long way. Since the first store in Seattle's Pike Place which was advertised only by as per Starbucks itself, a "modest" 45-year-old sign, the Starbucks brand has expanded to over 20,000 stores throughout the world. Some stores have taken on local style and ambiance, like carved mahogany ceilings and traditional wool fabric found in London cafes or a round community table and copper details in stores in Turkey. When Starbucks Partners began sharing photos of a cafe inside a geometric glass dome, we had to learn more.

On average, Koreans drink more than 12 cups of coffee per week; Seoul alone has over 18,000 coffee shops — the most per capita in the world — and is home to more Starbucks than any other city (via Seoul Inspired). According to Go! Go! Hanguk, spending time in cafes is a popular Korean pastime, and coffee shops cater to the Instagramming crowd, making sure desserts and coffees are worthy of posts and stories. For those looking for unique experiences, some cafes have cats, dogs, and raccoons on the premises (via BoBo and Chichi). Yet even without animals, one particular Starbucks seems to be in a league of its own.

A Starbucks ready for the 'Gram

Built to mark the 15th anniversary of Starbucks' doing business in Korea, the Starbucks at Famille Park is worthy of a special social media update (via Middleclass). Decorated tastefully with environmentally-friendly materials, the structure blends the natural world with coffee shop comforts as easily as a perfectly poured latte. Klook adores the centerpiece, a collection of birds that draw eyes upward. The open, circular layout offers privacy but also a feeling of community — and judging from Koreaboo's video, the place can pack a crowd.

The Famille Park Starbucks is located nearby Seoul's express bus terminal in Banpo-dong, a neighborhood part of the Gangnam District. Aside from being a well-trafficked area, Business Insider describes the area as the "Beverly Hills of South Korea" with affluent residents, high real estate prices, and luxury shopping experiences. So whether you plan to read a book while sipping your frappuccino or just want to watch people, be sure to have your camera with you.