The Inexpensive Cut Of Meat Steak Fans Should Know

If you're like most people, you're concerned about the rising cost of food, especially the price of meat. The cost of groceries has hit record highs worldwide (via Reuters). CBS News reports that food prices have increased 10% overall from a year ago, with beef prices up 16% due to rising energy and transportation costs, as well as supply shortages caused by a sustained increase in consumer demand and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

While there are lots of ways to save money on meat (reducing portions, buying in bulk, buying direct from local farms, shopping sales) one of the easiest ways to save money is to buy cheaper cuts. Particularly for steak fans, finding a cut that gives you the most bang for your buck is imperative. Something that satisfies the robust beefy flavor and tender texture you crave without sacrificing your wallet. If this sounds like you, look no further than the baseball steak.

What is baseball steak?

More flavorful than filet mignon less expensive than a ribeye, it's thick, it's juicy — it's a baseball steak! 

From the center of the top sirloin, the baseball cut or baseball steak – also known as center-cut top sirloin steak and top sirloin butt steak among others (via Beef. It's What's For Dinner.) – really hits a home run. Taking its name from its signature rounded shape, this beefy cut puffs up to resemble a baseball when cooked, according to Steak University.

Harris Ranch Beef recommends sending this chunky cut up to the big leagues, noting its similarity to its exceedingly more popular counterpart, filet mignon with two exceptions: Baseball steak is more flavorful and less pricey. (A grand slam!) 

There's one catch though: A baseball-cut steak may not be as easily found in your grocer's meat case. Just keep in mind that you can request this cut, either at the meat counter or your trusted local butcher's shop. 

But will baseball steak make the cut?

As a steak aficionado, you may wonder if a less expensive cut will truly satiate your taste for the good stuff on a tighter budget. Fear not, because while not as marbled as a ribeye steak, when properly prepared on the grill, under the broiler, or seared and finished in a 450-degree oven, your baseball steak will yield a tender, juicy, and a robustly flavorsome result that won't disappoint at a price several dollars less per pound than other more celebrated cuts of beef, according to My Chicago Steak.

A member of the top sirloin family (which is one of the most popular cuts of beef), baseball steak is known for its pronounced flavor and tenderness. Even though the cut itself may be smaller than your typical top sirloin, this little slugger will hit the sweet spot, loading your palate with remarkable texture and taste.

So, if you're looking to save a little green, while still enjoying the rich succulent umami-packed chew that only your favorite steak can provide, this one truly makes the cut. Play ball!