You May Want To Think Twice Before Making Brownies In A Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pans may seem intimidating, but once you know the proper way to care for them, they just might become your best friend in the kitchen. They are great for frying foods, skillet bakes, and cooking steaks. They are also great for maintaining heat once they have warmed up, making them a great option for cooking high-heat food evenly, states America's Test Kitchen

In addition, the outlet notes that these pans are durable and heavyweight, so they will last for years if taken care of properly. And if your cast iron pan is in need of new seasoning, it's easy to learn to do at home. You can even salvage it if it starts to rust. However, even though cast iron pans are versatile for cooking a variety of foods, you may want to use caution when it comes to the order in which you are cooking to preserve the flavors you want.

Cast iron pans can retain flavor

If you cooked some fried chicken in your cast iron pan for dinner last night, you may not want to make skillet brownies for dessert right away. The pan might hold onto a little bit of that poultry flavor, reports Southern Living. The publication explains that the seasoning of the pan may need a little extra cleaning in between cooking drastically different flavor profiles — just remember not to use soap.

When cooking with a cast iron pan, Epicurious notes that the porous surface will absorb flavors after you cook with it. It even suggests purchasing a separate cast iron skillet specifically for desserts, if you find yourself using one more frequently. Though the added flavors from the previous night's dinner may improve the taste of some savory dishes, no one has ever asked for chicken-flavored brownies.

Once your pan is clean and ready to cook again, check out some of our delicious recipes for skillet desserts.