The Massive Amount Of Chicken Used For The World's Largest Nugget

The Guinness World Records archive is filled with records for things like fastest beer chug, largest strawberry, and tallest stack of M&M's, but what the record book was really missing was an entry for the world's largest chicken nugget. Fortunately, TikTok sensations Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn "Lynja" Davis were recently able to fill that void, crafting a chicken nugget 115 times larger than a typical nugget.

According to History, the chicken nugget was invented following WWII when the practice of roasting whole chicken fell from popularity as women entered the workforce, leaving less time to cook — enter food scientist Robert C. Baker and his invention of bite-size, breaded chicken morsels. Since then, nuggets have remained a popular food item for kids and adults alike. 

While nuggets are characterized by their petite size, DiGiovanni and Davis have always been rulebreakers when it comes to food. Following their triumph of creating the world's largest cake pop last year, they decided to supersize the standard nugget. But, just how much chicken was used to craft this masterpiece?

It took almost 60 whole chickens!

On May 25, 2022, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis took to the kitchen to craft a record-breaking nugget. A video shared by Guinness World Records shows the pair mixing together an insane amount of ingredients including an astounding 40 pounds of ground chicken — equivalent to about 60 whole chickens!

Along with 40 slices of white bread, half a gallon of milk, 40 eggs, and several cups of seasoning, the nugget mixture simply wouldn't fit on a standard baking sheet. DiGiovanni explains, "In order to bake this chicken nugget, since it's so large, we had to build a special contraption."

After pouring into the handmade container, it was coated with breadcrumbs and panko and ready to be baked. While the duo previously tried cooking the nugget in a home oven, it took nearly 12 hours, which is why the gigantic nugget was actually transported to another facility to bake in a commercial oven until perfectly golden brown.

Weighing in at 46 pounds and 3.34 ounces, the nugget was officially dubbed the World's Largest Chicken Nugget by Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Claire Stephens.