20 Popular Vodka Brands To Stock In Your Home Bar In 2024

Choosing the right vodka brand matters if you want a great cocktail (no matter the drink). Although vodka used to be defined simply as a clear, colorless spirit that doesn't have a distinct flavor or aroma, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau officially dropped the requirement that it must be neutral in 2020. In other words, the versatile liquor can now be made in a range of styles and flavors while still being legally considered "vodka" in the U.S.

Vodka can be distilled from cereal grains, potatoes, fruit, or corn, and is filtered using various methods. Regardless of how it's produced, the spirit must have a minimum ABV of 40% to be classified as vodka. Of course, despite these guidelines, a trip to any liquor store or bar will reveal a wide range of vodka options in terms of taste, quality, and price point.

Given the vast number of options, you may be unsure which type of vodka to purchase while at the store. With that in mind, we've gathered a list of well-known vodka brands to satisfy first-time drinkers as well as connoisseurs of the spirit. To ensure you know exactly what to reach for the next time your thirst needs quenching, here are 20 popular vodka brands to stock in your home bar in 2024.

1. Reyka

There are a lot of vodkas out there, and Reyka is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Many facets of this brand are unique, with a major one being that it was the first distillery in Iceland. Produced in a small town called Borgarnes, Reyka uses glacial water and volcanic rock filtration to craft a grain-based vodka that tastes just like you'd imagine: clean, pure, dry, and with just the right level of minerality.

It's no surprise that the perfect accompaniment to a vodka made from glacial water is ice. While we'd be happy to sip this vodka on the rocks any day, it also makes an excellent dry martini. Despite the craftsmanship that goes into this vodka — and the fact that it tastes as good or better than most ultra-premium options — it's still reasonably priced.

Now, some bars may not have caught on to this incredible brand just yet. But that just gives you even more reason to consider picking up a bottle for your own bar cart and start savoring this Icelandic joy at home.

2. Smirnoff

Despite Smirnoff's Russian name and origins, its vodka is distilled across the globe. Regardless of its origin, Smirnoff consistently ranks among the best-selling vodka brands out there, so you'll be in good company when you reach for a bottle.

The brand offers vodkas in a variety of flavors, styles, and proofs. It even sells a zero-sugar line of flavored vodkas (which makes for a refreshing, low-calorie spritz when combined with soda water). If you want to keep things classic, Smirnoff's 750-milliliter red label bottle has an average price of $15 as of March 2024, so it won't break the bank, either.

Now, while this brand comes in a variety of flavors, styles, and proofs, if you want vodka that's tasty enough to drink on its own? This may not be the best choice. But it can still be a go-to when you want something affordable that won't make you feel like you're drinking pure rubbing alcohol. We recommend sticking to mixed drinks like a vodka lemonade or screwdriver if you're going to drink Smirnoff (the 100-proof blue label is an ideal vodka for a White Russian, after all). Frankly, if you're using a nice enough mixer, you won't even notice that you aren't drinking a top-shelf option.

3. Tito's

Most people know that Tito's vodka is popular, and we agree with the masses on this one. Tito's is a Texas-made vodka made from corn — and people can't get enough of it. The brand is virtually everywhere and seems to rake in cash from thirsty consumers. Of course, there's a reason why it's such a beloved vodka variety, and the hype is more than warranted.

Tito's is a great product that's easy to love. Unlike most brands, Tito's only offers one variety of vodka. Forget any flavors, infusions, or premium bottles — Tito's is Tito's. It has a rich mouthfeel, and though it goes down smooth, it has enough of a kick to keep things interesting (and remind you that you're drinking vodka). People also gravitate towards Tito's since it's gluten-free, and nothing is added after distillation that could contain gluten. Quite frankly, we can't think of anything Tito's doesn't work well for, making it an easy, versatile, and crowd-pleasing choice.

4. Cîroc

This French brand is known as an ultra-premium, luxury vodka option that's synonymous with living the good life — and it tastes pretty good, too. After Sean "Diddy" Combs joined the Cîroc team in 2007, the brand transformed into a major player in the vodka world.

Unlike most other big brands on the market, Cîroc is made from grapes instead of more common bases like potatoes or grains, which gives it a slightly different flavor profile than many of its competitors. Its classic vodka is citrusy on the nose, and there's also a hint of sweetness from the grapes once it hits your palette.

Just keep in mind that these notes don't pair well with everything, so choose your mixers and garnishes wisely. For example, it's much better for a lemon drop martini than it is for a dirty martini (with, say, blue cheese olives). Cîroc also offers several flavored varieties as well as limited edition vodkas — any of which can make fun additions to your bar cart.

5. Belvedere

Belvedere is a high-end brand that delivers a great product. Polish rye is used to create this brand's line of iconic vodkas, and its master distillers rely on a 600-year-old legacy to impart flavor and quality into every product. The Belvedere brand includes a classic version, several unique flavors like Blueberry Lemongrass, and limited-release bottles crafted from single estate rye.

While the flagship vodka makes an absolutely top-notch vesper martini, we suggest reaching for one of its single estate ryes for a luxurious treat. You can choose between its Lake Bartężek and Smogóry Forest versions, and each is noteworthy. After all, Belvedere is truly showcasing the fact that terroir is important in vodka production (just like with wine). Try them on the rocks to let the flavors open up. You'll soon picture yourself on a frosty winter day by the lake in Poland — and enjoy what is hopefully the beginning of a new way to think about vodka.

6. Grey Goose

We realize Grey Goose Vodka tends to get a bad rap in the spirits world for its hefty price tag — and we agree it's expensive for what it is. Admittedly, a lot of what you're paying for with Grey Goose is marketing, with it frequently appearing in pop culture references and acting as the sponsor for major events like the U.S. Open.

Of course, all that being said? Grey Goose is still a high-quality vodka that's versatile and easy to drink. The French brand's standard offering is neutral and mild with a clean aroma and minimal aftertaste. It's a quintessential iteration of what many people think vodka should taste like. If you're a flavored vodka fan, Grey Goose offers a wide selection of such offerings, as well. We're especially fond of the bottles in its Essences line which are infused with real fruit and botanicals.

However, the best thing about Grey Goose may be its ubiquity. It's an extremely prevalent top-shelf option, so you'll have less trouble finding it when traveling or patronizing a liquor store with a limited selection. It's a reliable standby that delivers on quality every time — as long as you're willing to pay the price.

7. Ketel One

Ketel One has everything going for it: It tastes good, it's widely available, it's moderately priced, and you can drink it any way you please. Hailing from the Netherlands, this jack-of-all-trades brand is distilled from wheat, which gives it a round, balanced flavor. It has enough toasty, grainy notes to retain complexity and depth, but is neutral enough that you don't have to worry about it clashing with other flavors.

Beyond its classic version, Ketel One also offers a few simple flavors along with its Botanical line that contains zero added sugar or artificial ingredients. If you want to use a flavored product, this presents a good alternative to many other brands' offerings.

We appreciate that Ketel One is nice enough to serve to people with sophisticated palates, yet approachable enough that you won't feel intimidated by its price or reputation. Simply put, you won't be disappointed with this brand the next time you trek to the liquor store to load up on vodka.

8. Crystal Head

We can confidently say that Crystal Head has some of the best, most out-there packaging on the market. Of course, its signature skull-shaped bottles might catch your eye. But this brand is about more than just good looks — and its products are tasty and versatile enough to keep you coming back for more.

Crystal Head's additive-free offerings include vodkas made from both corn and wheat, as well as a line called Onyx that's distilled from blue agave. Innovation is at the heart of this brand, and even its filtration system is unique as it filters some of its vodka using semi-precious crystals called Herkimer diamonds.

Crystal Head's Original Vodka is crisp and silky with subtle notes of vanilla and just a hint of sweetness. We love this brand for sipping on the rocks, or for pouring a shot that's as fun as it is smooth. Not to mention, those bottles make great decorations once they're empty!

9. Beluga

If you want to drink vodka straight from the freezer, we highly recommend grabbing a bottle of this Russian classic. Hailing from the Mariinsk Distillery in deep Siberia, Beluga takes its name from Russia's famous caviar-producing breed of sturgeon, as indicated on the brand's logo.

Beluga has been around since 2002, and there are currently several notable lines of vodka in its portfolio made from local winter wheat and distilled using fresh, clean, icy Siberian water. Beluga Noble is a popular choice that has notes of oatmeal, vanilla, and honey. Though it's technically not a flavored vodka, some speculation suggests it's lightly flavored after it's been distilled. In that regard, while the flavors make it much easier to throw back a shot when eating caviar, if you want a more neutral experience? This vodka might not be for you.

Luckily, the brand also has a few elevated options like Beluga Celebration, Beluga Allure, Beluga Transatlantic Racing, and Beluga Gold. Each of these is great for those times when your dinner party is apt to include toast after toast.

10. Absolut

We love Absolut because of its phenomenal range and impressive quality. The iconic original Absolut Vodka is crisp and pure, with a consistently reasonable average price of just $20 for a fifth. It's ideal for cocktails and doesn't make for a bad chilled shot either. For those who prefer to drink their vodka straight, it's worth upgrading to the luxury copper bottle Absolut Elyx, which is made with single estate winter wheat and shines sans mixers.

The Swedish brand also has a noteworthy line of flavored vodkas, with the most iconic being Absolut Citron — a popular choice for whipping up a classic Cosmopolitan. Additionally, its Absolut Peppar was the world's first flavored vodka when it launched in 1986, and there may be no better spirit to use in a tried and true Bloody Mary.

Absolut prides itself on using single-origin wheat from southern Sweden. The brand takes care to trace the entire production process, which means you can trust their products will always be consistent and high-quality.

11. Harridan

This female-founded, female-owned, and all-around female-empowering brand is making waves in the spirit world — all while crafting delicious booze. Based in upstate New York, Harridan vodka is made using 100% organic, local corn. At 44% ABV, the brand claims its overproof vodka is an homage and honor to the bold women for whom it was named (the word "harridan" is defined as a bossy and/or belligerent old woman, after all).

Not only is Harridan softer and milder than you might imagine given its ABV, but there are nice notes of fruit and warming spices, as well, that make it a flavorful sipper. We suggest serving this on the rocks with a twist of lemon to enhance the vibrant flavors without covering up the characteristics the brand works so hard to create. Another noteworthy thing about Harridan is that its glass bottles are blown in Mexico using recycled glass. In other words? No two bottles are exactly alike.

12. Pur

Claiming to be the "World's Most Awarded Canadian Vodka," Pur has received dozens of awards since the brand's inception in 2009. Once you sip on this top-notch spirit, you'll understand what all the hype is about. The brand was founded by Montrealer Nicolas Duvernois, who worked as a janitor at a children's hospital to help fund his passion project. His hard work paid off, and more than a decade later? The Pur lineup includes an original version as well as several flavored vodkas (plus a canned, ready-to-drink Bloody Caesar).

This vodka brand truly lives up to its name, with notes of minerality that are reminiscent of the cold Canadian waters used to filter this artisan spirit. Don't hesitate to drink this one on the rocks, neat, in an extra-dry martini, or mixed in one of the brand's cocktail recipes. After all, the only real limit on how to drink Pur is your imagination.

13. Chopin

Chopin outwardly rejects the idea that vodka shouldn't taste like anything. This boutique brand puts heavy emphasis on crafting a vodka that's more than justs a vehicle for delivering ethanol, using quality ingredients to make its signature spirit taste distinctive.

What ultimately sets this brand apart is the fact that it offers three distinct versions of vodka made from three different ingredients: potato, rye, and wheat. Chopin set out to create these three varieties with the idea that it would be the perfect way to demonstrate how unique vodkas can taste — and we think it succeeded with flying colors.

Whether you want the spicy, peppery notes of Chopin Rye, the creamy, full-bodied flavor of Chopin Potato, or the mellow mildness of Chopin Wheat, these options should please any palate. If you're a vodka drinker who's interested in learning more about your go-to spirit, Chopin is a brand that will help to educate you while you imbibe.

14. Pinnacle

Since Pinnacle is arguably the one brand of flavored vodka fans should try, we simply had to include it on our list. Flavored vodkas aren't everyone's cup of tea (or in this case, booze). But they can still be used to make tasty shots and cocktails that are quaffable enough to make you forget that you're drinking alcohol, so proceed with caution.

Pinnacle offers nearly 30 different varieties of vodka– including a pair of unflavored options — which are impressively made from a base that's been distilled five times to enhance its smoothness and drinkability. Whether your jam is something tropical and fruity like guava lime or something more daring like habanero, we can almost guarantee Pinnacle has a flavor for you.

The brand's whipped cream flavor is particularly popular, and if you ever find yourself wanting to make your coffee a little stronger, this is a great way to spike your cup of Joe. Pinnacle may not be for serious vodka connoisseurs, but it is for people who think drinking should be fun.

15. Stoli

Before we dive into this one, let's clear a few things up about the name. Although most people have always referred to the brand colloquially as Stoli, the official name was Stolichnaya — at least until early 2022 when the company went through a rebrand. Ok: now that that's out of the way? Onto the vodka.

Distilled from wheat in a historic distillery in Latvia, Stoli is a classic for a reason. It may not be considered top-shelf or a craft brand, per se, but Stoli makes its vodka with exacting standards and an impressive attention to detail for such a large company. Its portfolio includes a classic line, a premium version called Stoli Gold, and flavored varieties that are made with zero artificial flavors or ingredients. Stoli's original vodka is slightly peppery with a zing that makes it a great choice to pair with food. If you're indulging in Eastern European fare, having a cold bottle of Stoli on the table is highly recommended.

16. Prairie

When you want to reach for a brand that puts sustainably at the forefront of its mission, Prairie is the perfect choice. Not only is its vodka (made from non-GMO corn) 100% organic, but the brand also prides itself on caring for the farmers and neighbors who help make up the Prairie community. Nothing is wasted during Prairie's distillation process. Extra grains are used to feed livestock, leftover spirits are transformed into biofuels, and the entire process is powered entirely by renewable energy.

The Prairie line includes a standard vodka as well as several flavored varieties. The company also produces organic gin (though that's not exactly relevant for our purposes). In terms of taste, Prairie doesn't miss when it comes to flavor. It's incredibly clean, crisp, and bright, which makes it a wonderful addition to cocktails where vodka is the star ingredient. We recommend pairing it with ingredients that are light and fresh, as well, like herbs and citrus (basil vodka lemonade, anyone?).

17. Nikka

Originally a sole purveyor of whiskey, this Japanese brand expanded its offerings to include vodka in 2017. One of the most unique characteristics of Nikka Coffey Vodka is that it's distilled from a blend of corn and barley. The two ingredients are distilled separately and then expertly combined to create a vodka that has a signature texture and flavor. The result is a spirit that's delicate yet zesty, with a distinct milky, creamy mouthfeel.

The precision that goes into blending helps alleviate the burn and sting that usually accompanies vodka, so don't waste this one on a mixed drink that will hide its soft, nuanced flavor. Keep in mind, though, that while Nikka Coffey is an undeniably well-crafted vodka, it's not a brand you'll see at every liquor store or on every back bar in the U.S. Additionally, with a current average price tag of $41, it isn't as cheap as other options — but we think it's a great deal for an artisanal product.

18. Hangar 1

Crafted in Northern California, Hangar 1 takes a seasonal, local approach to create its signature spirit. From its standard vodka to a variety of flavored creations to its exclusive lines, this brand puts exceptional care into every bottle.

The classic Hangar 1 Straight Vodka is made from a blend of grapes and grains. The idea is that this combination allows for the vodka to be smooth while still maintaining a depth of flavor, and the result is a balance of floral and fruity notes that aren't overwhelming. We love that it appeals to both vodka purists and innovators alike.

The flavored line offers options you won't see anywhere else. With choices like Makrut Lime and Mandarin Blossom, these aren't your run-of-the-mill, artificial-ingredient-laden shooters. There's even a unique, aromatic, premium Distiller's Exclusive Fennel Vodka. If you're feeling adventurous, try it as the brand suggests with tonic, simple syrup, and rhubarb bitters.

19. New Amsterdam

Bartenders know New Amsterdam is a completely respectable choice when it comes to stocking the well. This spirits brand offers vodka in several styles and flavors, including its millennial-friendly, pink lemonade-flavored Pink Whitney variety.

Now, like several other brands on this list, we wouldn't recommend drinking New Amsterdam straight or in a spirit-forward cocktail like a martini. After all, it's not necessarily smooth, so brace your palate for a bit of a burn. That being said, if you want a vodka soda, it strikes a good balance between affordability and drinkability — and isn't a bad choice to use in certain cocktails if you like drinking vodka, either.

With an average price of $13 for a 750-milliliter bottle of its original vodka, consider New Amsterdam when you're hosting a party and want to serve a large-format punch. You can easily mix up a tasty concoction that'll keep any crowd happy — and for less than what you'd pay for a few drinks at an upscale cocktail bar. Despite its low price tag, it's high-quality enough that you won't feel guilty about giving your guests the cheap stuff.

20. Suntory

If you don't think you like vodka, try Haku from Suntory. This Japanese rice vodka is one of the softest, smoothest, and most delicate options out there. The name "Haku" comes from the Japanese word for "white" and refers to its white rice origins. It's mild and sweet, offering a faint nod to the sake with which it shares its base grain. Haku filters its vodka through bamboo charcoal and the result is a product that's smooth, slightly starchy, and very easy to drink.

As part of the larger Beam-Suntory family, it's one of the many Japanese spirits that are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Haku made its American debut in 2018, and we believe it's a brand to keep an eye on. This vodka is our absolute favorite for a highball, and it's also extremely enjoyable on the rocks. While it's not our favorite in a dirty martini (the soft, sweet flavors clash with the harsh salinity of the olive brine), it's great for a martini with a twist.


We considered numerous vodka brands and varieties when assembling this collection before whittling it down to the 20 options listed. We aimed to provide readers with a wide range of vodka brands to consider stocking in their home bar — no matter their personal preference or price range.

Additionally, we considered a variety of potential factors when deciding which vodka brands to discuss, including the spirit's taste, price range, availability, variety of vodkas offered, distillation process and ingredients used, as well as a brand's general versatility. The opinions and recommendations are based on our expertise with vodka, along with our personal preferences and firsthand experiences when sampling the vast majority of listed vodka brands.

Vodka cocktails to make at home

Once you've stocked up your favorite vodka brand, you may be asking: What can I make with this clear liquor? Of course, the better question would be what can't you make at home with vodka. After all, there's a virtually endless list of cocktail options at your disposal depending on your mood, such as a pink-hued classic Cosmopolitan or a tropical-esque sea breeze (whether or not you're near an actual ocean).

The more sophisticated tippler will undoubtedly enjoy a vodka martini with a twist given its stature and short list of ingredients. Likewise, anyone who enjoys the pungent flavor of ginger should consider an easy-to-make Moscow Mule — just be sure to stock up on the cocktail's classic copper mugs first. And we're sure your guests will love an espresso martini as an after-dinner digestif of sorts ("how fancy!" they'll surely exclaim).

You can channel The Dude (Jeff Bridges) on a random weekday afternoon and whip up a classic White Russian – though any lactose intolerant folks will want to skip this dairy-based cocktail. For more adventurous readers, a delightfully hot jalapeño kamikaze made with vodka and (you guessed it!) jalapeños is sure to spice up any round of drinks.