What Really Goes Into Making A Japanese Fruit Sandwich

Japanese fruit sandwiches have taken the world by storm after gaining popularity on Instagram, statesĀ Web Japan. Their colorful, aesthetically pleasing appearance makes the sandwiches look just as good as they taste. Though we typically think of sandwiches as savory, fruit sandwiches are a sweet twist on a classic food.

Japanese Food Guide states that fruit shops commonly opened near train stations in the early 1900s in Japan. They say the fruit sandwich trend may have been born around this time, as fresh fruits became more affordable to the public. Although it is unclear which shop was the original creator, Yaoiso in Kyoto and Sembikiya in Tokyo are the two most likely inventors, and both have kept the sandwiches on their menus to this day.

Though a trip to Japan may be a bit unreasonable for a snack if you do not have a cafe near you that makes them, these sandwiches are easy to make at home once you gather the right ingredients.

Each sandwich is unique

Japanese fruit sandwiches are a sweet, refreshing treat, perfect for a picnic on a warm summer day. Although sandwich fillings vary, the essence of the sandwich stays the same: fruits and some kind of cream in between two slices of bread. The most common bread choice is Japanese milk bread, says Chopstick Chronicles. However, croissants and raisin bread are also popular substitutions, statesĀ Web Japan. Ideally, you will want a bread that is fluffy enough to compliment the sweet filling, but sturdy enough to hold it all securely.

Typically, whipped cream is used for the filling, but mascarpone cream or yogurt can also be substituted (via Web Japan). Then, choose fruits that will pair well with the flavors of the bread and cream. Since strawberries pair well with cream, they are a frequent favorite, says Chopstick Chronicles. Oranges, mango, blueberries, and kiwi can also work (via Just One Cookbook).

Once you have assembled your sandwich with your preferred ingredients, slice it down the center so you get an even amount of filling on both halves. Snap a pic to share on social media and enjoy your refreshing sweet treat.