How To Make Whipped Cream Without A Whisk

Shake, shake, shake, shake it off. No, really.

In our book, it's always a good time for whipped cream. Whether you're topping a pie or a bowlful of berries, fresh whipped cream can do no wrong. The only thing standing between us and a 24-hour supply of the good stuff is the process of making it. Whisking gets old—and tiresome—real fast, and if you're doing it properly, messy, as well.

If you're looking for an alternative way to make whipped cream by hand, here's a useful technique:

Make whipped cream in a jar.

In the words of a wise woman, all you have to do is, "Shake, shake it off." No, really.

① Fill a jar will heavy cream—and make sure that jar has a lid!

② Add sugar. We prefer confectioners' for whipped cream, but granular works, too.

③ Screw the lid onto the jar.

④ Then you know what to do: Shake, shake, shake . . .

The heavy cream will stiffen up in a matter of minutes or less, and here's a pro tip:

Make sure the jar and the cream are cold.

Cold ingredients and equipment will speed up the process enormously. And unless you're looking for a serious bicep workout or training to be a mixologist, you're going to want to shave off as much time as possible. Plus, it means you'll just have whipped cream in your mouth that much faster. So go ahead: Shake what your mama gave you.