Why People Are Likely To Cheat On Their Go-To Cocktail This Summer

A Tequila Sunrise on the beach is a marriage made in heaven and piña coladas were made for sipping poolside. But lots of folks take vacations to see someplace new, and their drink order is no exception. 

There's a reason the five-star Four Seasons hotel in Palm Beach offers tropical cocktails like Sunset Mojitos, Hibiscus Palomas, and the High Tide Mai Tai as part of its oceanfront dining service. At Guava Beach Bar & Grill against the San Diego coastline, margaritas are king –- the bar offers 13 varieties. The Blue Hawaiian gets its name from the Big Island itself, and Sex on the Beach is the name of another popular cocktail (showcasing fruity flavors peach, orange, and cranberry).

The 2022 Consumer Trend Report from spirits purveyor Drizly just went public, and the results are in: Loyal sippers are more likely to cheat on their go-to cocktail while on vacation. The data from Drizly's fourth annual report was taken from a nationwide survey of volunteers in April 2022 and 79% of respondents said they switch up their old reliable order to "match the vibe" of their vacation, versus only 44% sticking to their roots. 

Bon voyage, gin and tonic.

Travelers choose local spirits

Liz Paquette, head of consumer insights at Drizly, says summer vacationers tend to lean toward lighter drinks with local flair. "In the Hamptons, Montauk Brewing Co. took the No. 5 position while Loverboy, a hard iced tea brand created by a cast member from the Hamptons-based reality TV show 'Summer House' took No. 13," she explains, via Forbes

Travelers might begin stepping out of their beverage comfort zone before even reaching their destination. Nutritionist Lauren Grosskopf, MD, LDN, lauds Moscow Mules as one of the best drinks to order on a flight (it's actually her personal favorite in-flight sipper), since the strong flavors aren't dulled by an airplane's dry, recycled air, and the ginger beer soothes a nauseous flier's stomach, via Travel and Leisure. Since Moscow Mules are likely a pretty far cry from your usual $5 beer and a shot, vacation might begin as soon as you board.