The Extra Step Alton Brown Uses For Flavorful French Toast

French toast is a delicious breakfast treat loved by people of all ages, and it can be prepared in various ways to meet even the pickiest of eaters' requirements. For example, Thrillist lists recipes for the morning dish that include sausage stuffed French toast, s'mores French toast, and bananas foster French toast. There are all sorts of savory ways to make the sweet breakfast treat. Some recipes call for a particular type of bread, while others, like the Food Network's recipe, use nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices.

In his special French toast recipe, Alton Brown adds his own flavorful touch to the breakfast dish, which he says he craves at a particular time of year: the holiday period between Christmas and the New Year. In a Youtube video posted by the Food Network star, he whips up the breakfast treat in a few easy steps.

Dredge the bread in creamy custard

To make Alton Brown's French toast, you must use half-inch thick slices of day-old or stale bread. He recommends using challah bread, brioche, or country loaf. The extra step that makes Alton Brown's French toast so flavorful is cream-based custard. That's the secret to a special breakfast treat. You can make the custard by mixing eggs, half and half, and honey with a whisk. The recipe also calls for kosher salt, butter, and crushed Frosted Flakes (optional, but delicious).

Brown begins by whisking the custard ingredients together, then he transfers the mixture to a flat-bottomed pie pan. Next, he dips each slice of bread into the custard for 30 seconds on each side. Don't oversaturate the bread; this results in a soggy toast. Place each piece of custard-coated bread on a rack-topped baking sheet to settle for a couple of minutes. The rack allows the custard to drip off of the bread.

The chef uses an electric griddle set to 375-degrees Fahrenheit but mentions that you can also use a skillet to toast the bread. Spread a tablespoon of butter over the hot griddle and allow it to melt. Lay the bread on the griddle for about one and a half minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Place each piece of toast into the warm oven on a wire rack for about five minutes. Cut into triangles, drizzle with syrup, and serve. Yum!