Tim Hortons Is Joining The Future Of Drive-Thru-Only Service

Timbits, Iced Capps, and drive-thrus, oh my! In a recent press release, Tim Hortons U.S. unveiled plans for a 900-square-foot store that features drive-thru-only service. Introduced to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and meet consumer needs, the model consists of a mobile pick up shelf along with mobile order parking spots. 

"Our guests are looking for great service, high-quality coffee and food, and they want to feel safe when visiting Tim Hortons restaurants," explains Tim Hortons' Head of Marketing Jay Pritchett. "Our new restaurant design offers all of that and more." 

While Tim Hortons previously revealed plans for smaller restaurants that focus on digital ordering and walk-up order windows, this new concept will be completely focused on drive-thru service. According to Restaurant Dive, the pandemic saw a boom in drive-thru ordering. In fact, so much so that many brands like Chipotle, Taco Bell, Shake Shack, and McDonald's are investing in revamping their business models in order to accommodate consumer demand for grab-and-go solutions.

What guests can expect

Like the traditional model, the new drive-thru-only hub will be integrated with the Tim Hortons app, which means that you can collect rewards points and access weekly offers. Customers will also have the opportunity to place mobile orders for pick-up through the app, according to the press release.

Similarly, while the aesthetic will still encompass the casual and cozy vibe of Tim Hortons, the drive-thru-only menu might look a bit different. QSR Magazine reports that fan favorites like premium drip coffee, Iced Capps, sandwiches, and donuts will continue to be available alongside some brand new items like refreshers and even energy drinks. 

Curious to know where you can find drive-thru-only Tim Hortons locations? A store in Cross Lanes, West Virginia will be among the first, explains Nation's Restaurant News, along with New York, Ohio, and Michigan. 

Despite the fact that Tim Hortons was founded over 50 years prior in Canada and remains beloved domestically, "Timmies" has opened locations all over the world. In fact, CNBC reports that there are over 600 locations based in the United States, making Tim Hortons the largest coffee chain in the U.S. after Starbucks and Dunkin'. Will you be taking advantage of the drive-thru-only service when it comes to your neighborhood?