The Real Reason New Tim Hortons Restaurants Look A Lot Different

If you've visited Tim Hortons lately, you may have noticed that the coffee cups are smaller. Much to the confusion of many who took to TikTok to complain, the Canadian-based donut and coffee chain officially rolled out the size change back in 2020, according to Business Chief. But apparently that was just the beginning. As Insider reports, Tim Hortons restaurants themselves are getting smaller, too.

As announced during a February earnings conference call for Restaurant Brands International (the parent company of Tim Hortons), the coffee chain will be shifting its priorities to "leverage a smaller footprint" with new locations. That means restaurants in the U.S. will be downsized from the original Canadian setup. The decision comes in light of Tim Hortons U.S. seeing its highest annual sales since opening its first stateside location in 2016. Smaller restaurants means construction will be completed faster, ultimately allowing for more Tim Hortons to expand business in more markets, including major cities like Houston, Texas.

What will new Tim Hortons restaurants look like?

Tim Hortons' new U.S. locations will be smaller, yes, but they certainly won't be any less functional. According to Joshua Kobza, Chief Operating Officer of Restaurant Brand International, one-third of Tim Hortons Canada sales in 2021 came from digital orders alone. Since it's their biggest sales channel, the concept for the new U.S. restaurants is designed to optimize the digital ordering experience. "One way we're integrating digital into our brands is through new service modes built into our restaurant image." Kobza explained during the RBI conference call. "Our design team has added new order and pickup channels into various restaurant types. These include developing a walk-up order window, a dedicated curbside pickup area, and a drive-through conveyor system."

If you're hoping for a small coffee shop vibe from your local Tim Hortons, it seems like you're in for a much different experience. But at least you know you'll get your coffee and donuts as efficiently as possible, thanks to the restaurant's newfound digital approach.