The Universal Kitchen Tool You Need, According To Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller boasts multiple three-star Michelin ratings and countless accolades, including the James Beard "Outstanding Chef" and "Outstanding Restauranteur" awards. His accomplishments come from years of perfecting his craft in the culinary arts. So, it's apparent that Keller knows his way around the kitchen, and when it comes to cooking tools, he knows what's needed to get the job done.

The famous chef realizes that wielding useful kitchen tools is essential for saving time and eliminating stressful cooking situations. Keller told Master Class, "I really have an aversion to useless tools. We tend to clutter our drawers with things that we don't need." To eliminate clutter, the chef recommends investing in a universal lid. This piece of kitchenware is included in his "must-have" list of items you need in your kitchen. According to Healthy Cookware, universal covers accommodate most cookware sizes and are the most commonly used items in the kitchen. They say that these lids save space, are cost-effective, and are versatile. French chefs have used universal lids for generations because they are sustainable and help eliminate confusion in the kitchen.

What is a universal lid

We've all been there: You're cooking up your favorite recipe, and the only lid that fits the pan you're using is nowhere in sight. So, you settle for a mismatched cover that doesn't quite fit the pan, or you rely on a piece of aluminum foil or another item to get the job done. While having one matching cover for each pot is ideal, it's not always possible. Over the years, you've probably narrowed down your pots and pans collection to a few personal favorites. Their matching lids either cracked or disappeared years ago, so you've made it work with what you have.

Thomas Keller's solution to this common kitchen mishap lessens the burden of searching for the perfect sized lid while cooking. According to Master Class, the famous chef recommends adding a universal lid to your kitchen collection. 

Best of all? Bon Appétit says that universal covers balance atop pots and pans of most sizes. Their sturdy handle makes for an effortless gripping of the lid. Healthy Cookware says that these pan covers are usually made from stainless steel or have glass lids or a silicone coating. According to Food52, universal lids hold in steam, prevent splatters, and retain heat on all types of pots and pans. It's one tool that serves an efficient purpose. In addition to a universal lid, Keller also recommends having a quality set of knives, stock pots, sauté pans, and cast iron skillets in your kitchen.