Thomas Keller New Restaurant 2019: La Calenda

It's not what you'd expect from The French Laundry's chef

At Thomas Keller's new restaurant in Yountville, California, you can get a main course and a dessert for a grand total of 10 dollars.

The catch: You have to be a child in order to do so. La Calenda, which is Keller's first restaurant to focus on Mexican cuisine. It also has the rare kids' menu (Keller previously offered one at Bouchon Beverly Hills). The "Para Los Chiquitos" menu section is nestled among slow-roasted pork tacos, tamales and stone-ground mole for the older crowd—which, it should be noted, max out at 29 dollars a dish.

The restaurant uses heirloom ingredients from Central and Southern Mexico, works with local partners for mushrooms and beans, and features crockery from Mexican artisans. La Calenda isn't exactly The French Laundry version 2.0—making it all the more exciting of a venture.