Maximize Your Refrigerator's Efficiency This Summer With This Tip

Summer temperatures are often accompanied by heightened electricity bills thanks in part to switching on the air conditioning. When it is hot outside, your refrigerator also works overtime to keep its interior cool so that you can enjoy refreshing drinks and leftover food all summer long.

Fortune reports that summer months are the peak times for electricity use. Customers should brace themselves for increased rates and higher bills. Though this added expense can be annoying, keeping food and drinks cool is necessary in order to keep them fresh. Storing perishables in the fridge can prevent bacteria growth and reduce the risk of contracting foodborne illnesses, states

Still, the added electricity cost each summer can be a struggle for some to keep up with. Before you reach for that thermostat to adjust your air conditioning's temperature, there may be an unexpected way that you can use your fridge to help cut down on your electric bill.

Keep your fridge loaded up

A fridge full of chilled food will be kept cold more easily due the items absorbing cold air while radiating cooler temperatures. If the fridge is working on its own to keep the food and surrounding air cold, it may have to expend extra energy, which may cost you. NerdWallet recommends adjusting your refrigerator's temperature to 38 degrees F and your freezer to between 0 and 5 degrees F in order to maintain efficiency while possibly saving you money.

Once you've found that sweet spot for the fridge's temperature, making sure that it remains steady is the best way to keep your food fresh. The Daily Mail explains that your fridge should be kept about three-quarters full in order to help maintain its temperature. This is because it should be filled enough so that the items stay cool when the door opens while still leaving enough space for air to flow freely.

If you are the type that only buys what you need at the grocery store instead of stocking up on food ahead of time, filling your fridge with something that can absorb and hold the cold temperature may be beneficial. The University of Rochester suggests keeping jugs of water inside. An added bonus to this method is that you will have pre-chilled drinking water to enjoy on hot days.

This summer, instead of raising your air conditioning's temperature in order to save money, try adjusting your fridge instead.