Bushmills' Peaky Blinders Whiskey Is Just In Time For The New Season

The sixth and final season of "Peaky Blinders" debuts to a U.S. audience on Netflix starting June 10, and fans who want to get into the spirit of the show — which is set after the First World War and follows the Shelby family, leaders of the Peaky Blinders gang in Birmingham, England — can do so with Bushmills Irish Whiskey's new "Prohibition Recipe," a limited-edition whiskey launched in partnership with the crime drama. According to The Drinks Business, the collaboration between the Irish distiller and the Prohibition Era show, which stars Irish actor Cillian Murphy, was a natural fit.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have entered into such a fitting partnership between our show 'Peaky Blinders' and Bushmills," show owner and producer Caryn Mandabach said to the outlet. "We are delighted the U.S. fans can toast the launch of this historic, final season on Netflix with this limited-edition partnership whiskey."

How to find Bushmill's Prohibition Recipe

The partnership between Bushmills Irish Whiskey and "Peaky Blinders" actually began in early 2022, according to Business Insider, when the two teamed up for a St. Patrick's Day promotion, and Bushmills was announced as the "official whiskey" of the show. Bushmills also launched a cocktail in conjunction with the St. Patrick's Day promotion, the Shelby Sour, and has continued this tradition for the new "Prohibition Recipe" whiskey. Recipes for freshly created, show-inspired cocktails like Birmingham Lads and Family Meeting are currently available on Bushmills' website.

American followers of the show who want to toast the final season can find the new "Prohibition Recipe" labeled whiskey at liquor stores throughout the U.S., observes The Drinks Business, where it is being sold with a suggested retail price of $29.99. Fans can also find bottles on Bushmills' website, where it is being offered with commemorative collectibles like engraved bottles, bottle holders, and accompanying souvenir glassware.

"Peaky Blinders" final season has already aired in the U.K. on BBC One, per The Sun.