The Ingredient That Will Change Your Old Fashioneds Forever

The old fashioned cocktail is one of the most iconic and classic drinks that you could order at a bar — or easily make on your own at home. With the right ingredients, it's a well-balanced drink that isn't too sweet. This cocktail is also incredibly versatile thanks to the many ingredient swaps you can use to make it just right for you. There are different variations on the main liquor used in an old fashioned, ranging from tequila to absinthe instead of the more traditional whiskey or bourbon (via Bevvy). Yet there's one ingredient swap that isn't too far from the classic recipe, but can really elevate your old fashioned experience.

"The options for Old Fashioned variations are endless," mixologist Elliott Clark told Esquire, noting that Irish whiskey is especially well-suited to this cocktail. "It tends to be on the smoother, lighter side," he said. His Irish whiskey old fashioned also opts for Amaro Montenegro, jasmine tea syrup, orange bitters, and angostura bitters to round out the drink.

Try it with this kind of Irish whisky in particular

As Clark mentioned to Esquire, not all brands of Irish whiskey are created equal. So, to get the best flavor for your old fashioned cocktail, we suggest Bushmills Irish Whiskey — Black Bush, to be exact. The oldest licensed distillery in Ireland located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland has been making whiskey since 1608 (via 19th Hole). So, naturally, the brand has had plenty of time to hone the distilling process and its product. Bushmills Black Bush is aged in bourbon casks as well as Oloroso sherry casks, so the malt-forward whiskey makes for a perfect pairing in an old fashioned.

Black Bush delivers luscious, fruity notes from start to finish. What's more, malt whiskey is a very smooth drink. While it is great any way you serve it, this whiskey's straightforward yet accessible notes make it a wonderful addition to old fashioneds, creating a balanced drink that doesn't overwhelm the palate. So if you're looking for a subtle way to switch up your old fashioned, be sure to give this Irish whiskey a try.