One Starbucks In Tokyo Is Getting A Unique Boozy Drink Menu

Starbucks is no longer just a coffee shop — at least in Tokyo. As part of a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand AMBUSH, Starbucks is launching an exclusive drink menu featuring cocktails made with cold brew coffee and tequila or iced tea, Sora News 24 reports. The news was first announced on Instagram by AMBUSH creative director Yoon Ahn, who shared that the drinks will be available through the summer starting May 27.

That's good news for Starbucks customers in Tokyo, because it's currently the only city where you can get the AMBUSH cocktails. The drinks are also made to order at just one location — the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo's Nakameguro district. The Roastery isn't just any Starbucks, but one that CEO Howard Schultz says offers an "immersive and innovative retail experience that celebrates the craft of coffee in an unprecedented way." With unique drinks like Melrose-Tokyo and Emerald-City Mule, the limited edition AMBUSH cocktails fit right into the Tokyo Roastery's menu.

What cocktails does the Starbucks Tokyo Reserve Roastery serve?

As shared in a promotional video posted to the YouTube channel of Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, the exclusive cocktail menu has three drinks, one of which is nonalcoholic. The Cold Brew Margarita contains cold brew, tequila, and lime juice; The similar Cold Brew Tequonic is cold brew and tequila but with tonic water instead of lime juice, and the nonalcoholic Cold Brew Freeee is cold brew plus Teavana tea with lavender and sage.

According to SoraNews24, the two alcoholic cold brews are priced at 2,700 yen, or $20.98, while the Teavana mocktail comes in at 2,000 yen, or $15.54. Included in the price of the drink is a ganache decoration and, while supplies last, an AMBUSH card designed by Yoon Ahn herself.

For those outside of Tokyo who are curious to try the exclusive drinks, Starbucks shared a recipe for a Coffee Margarita on its blog Coffee at Home. Like the Starbucks x AMBUSH Cold Brew Margarita, the Coffee Margarita is made with chilled coffee and tequila, but it also has triple sec and agave syrup. 

For the real thing, you'll have to take a trip to Tokyo before the summer's over.