The Unexpected Ice Tip To Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

When concocting your own cocktails from the comfort of your own home, there are a few elements that can make your mixed drink look like it was made by a professional. You can set up an at-home cocktail bar, get a fancy cocktail shaker, and stock your shelves with decorative and specialized cocktail glasses and other accouterments like umbrellas and flowers. There are countless fancy ingredients for cocktails to buy, but most cocktails will require a basic ingredient you can get from your fridge: ice cubes. However, there is more than one way to transform water into ice, and having the right kind of ice cubes can take your cocktails to the next level.

Using regular ice that tumbles out in inconsistently shaped pieces from the refrigerator is a big no-no, not only for the uneven appearance but also because when the ice cubes are smaller in size, they melt faster and then dilute your cocktail, per Allrecipes. But bigger ice cube chunks don't necessarily mean better either, but there are a few ways to elevate your ice to make your cocktail even cooler.

It all starts with the ice cube tray

There are many ice cube trays on the market, but a big silicone one tends to be the easiest to use (per As for the shape, according to Dramson, the optimal shape for an ice cube that won't dilute as easily is a spherical ice ball, which has less surface area per volume than other shapes. This means less contact between your ice and alcohol of choice — straight whiskey lovers, for instance, infamously prefer the ball-shaped ice.

However, before you simply fill up your ice cube tray of choice with plain old tap water, know that there is a process you should follow for the clearest and most aesthetic ice cubes. Using normal tap water can result in unappetizing cloudy cubes, and cloudy ice cubes are a sign of impurity. It's best to use distilled and twice-boiled water for the purest, clearest and most professional looking ice cubes to take your at-home cocktails to the next level.