Why You Should Add More Fruit To Canned Pie Filling

Using canned pie filling is a great way to cut down on time when making dessert! And really this makes total sense, as that's what it was created to do: the Library of Congress says canned pie filling was introduced to make baking easier around the mid-20th century.

The first step to baking a great pie is of course to start with a good crust: If your crust is too dry and crumbly, it can be difficult to roll it out into the pie pan without falling apart. Conversely, too-sticky pie crust can be difficult to get off the rolling pin. Once you find your ideal balance for the pie crust, it is time to focus on the filling.

For most bakers, the ideal pie filling is a perfect blend of fruit and syrup, allowing your pie to stay together when sliced and served without being too dense or dry. Many canned pie fillings have added sugar in the syrup (unless you explicitly purchase no sugar added cans), and — depending on the brand — The Tasty Tip explains some have a higher syrup-to-fruit ratio than is ideal. But there is a simple way to fix this filling imbalance that comes with some added perks.

Add fruit to improve your pie flavor and texture

Too much syrup can make your pie almost sickly sweet and throw off the texture, but adding more fruit to your canned pie filling can fix this issue and give your dessert an added pop of flavor. Taste of Home suggests supplementing your pre-made filling with fresh, canned, or frozen fruit to create a better syrup to fruit ratio and make the filling heartier. (Another easy way to thicken your pie is with tapioca, but you won't get the added textural and flavor benefits fruit can offer.)

The outlet suggests trying out different fruits for a unique blend of flavors. If you buy blueberry pie filling, consider adding blackberries and raspberries for a triple berry pie! The Tasty Tip agrees with this recommendation but advises you to consider both the sweetness and texture of your supplemental fruits, especially when making a no-bake pie.

If you're attempting to make your pie more nutritious, WebMD states that frozen fruit retains most of its nutritional value compared to fresh, so feel free to use whichever is easiest for you. If saving time is a concern, this may be your best bet, as frozen fruit comes pre-cut and ready to use.

So next time you're planning to use a store-bought filling to save some time, follow this baking tip to improve the flavor and consistency of your pies with little extra work.