The Guinness World Record For Fastest Coffee Chug

A cup of joe is how many people start their mornings. Whether it's a mug full of drip coffee, a chilly iced latte, or a bold espresso, everyone has their own distinct coffee rituals. While many people enjoy their bean juice in a leisurely fashion, not everyone can say the same. Last year, Guinness World Records actually recorded the world's fastest coffee chug!

Known for chronicling notable achievements around the world, the origin of Guinness World Records dates back to 1951 when the managing director of Guinness, Sir Hugh Beaver, dreamed up the idea of a record book that could be kept in Britain's pubs to settle disputes, reports History. After hiring brothers and fact-finding whizzes, Norris and Ross McWhirter, HuffPost states that the first edition of "The Guinness Book of Records" was published in 1955. Since then, all sorts of unique achievements have been recorded, including the fastest possible time to guzzle a cup of coffee.

A drink made by brewing roasted beans like arabica, coffee gives its drinkers a dose of caffeine in order to boost energy levels, along with providing a delicious (and often craveable) flavor, which could shed light on what makes this beverage a common medium for breaking records, as outlined in Newsweek.

The record-breaking gulp

As stated by Guinness World Records, the fastest time to drink a cup of brewed coffee lasted a mere 3.17 seconds, and was achieved by Andre Ortolf on December 27, 2021, in Augsburg, Germany. Previously breaking his record from 2019, Guinness World Records shared that Andre isn't a self-proclaimed coffeeholic, but does enjoy the occasional cup of brew. Andre also holds several other epicureal world records including eating the most baby food in under a minute.

But what's the appeal of breaking a record? Investigating this loaded question, The Atlantic found that people are drawn to break records based on motivation for achievement, power, and belonging. Regardless of how niche a skill may be, Guinness World Records is happy to oblige even the most obscure triumphs, such as the world's tallest stack of M&Ms. According to Insider, 50,000 people apply to set a record each year, but only a fraction actually go on to make it into the official book.