The New World Record For The Tallest Stack Of M&M's Is Surprisingly Small

When you think of record-breaking food, you probably think of the biggest pizza ever made or the most Big Macs eaten in one sitting. But M&M's has some of the most unusual Guinness World Records listed on the website. Documented alongside the most M&M's pretzel candies moved with a straw in one minute and the largest M&M's mosaic to exist is now a new record for the tallest stack of M&M's ever created.

If you're imagining an impossibly tall tower of candy coated chocolate, you might be surprised to learn just how many M&M's were actually involved in the record-breaking stack. As shown in the footage posted by the official Guinness World Records Twitter account, 22-year-old Brendan Kelbie of Australia successfully balanced a total of six M&M's on top of each other, creating a tiny but impressive one and a half inch stack of the candies. By employing a method of covering his fingers in what appears to be paper towels then gently stacking the M&M's, Kelbie was able to break the previous record of five M&M's.

What qualifies as a stack of M&Ms?

When it comes to world records, Guinness officials take things seriously, and that goes for stacking M&M's too. Loopholes such as using different varieties of M&M's or leaning the stack against something are both automatic disqualifiers, Guinness World Records states; The M&M's must be only plain chocolate, and the stack must stand entirely on its own. Time is taken into account, too: the stack has to remain upright for at least 10 seconds — any shorter and no record will be broken.

If you think stacking six M&M's under these conditions sounds doable, perhaps Brendan Kelbie's journey to break the record will change your mind. Guinness World Records reports that back in 2016, Silvio Sabba of Italy set the original record at four M&M's. Four years later, Kelbie attempted to break it, but was only able to match it. Only a few months after this, British engineer Will Cutbill broke the record by one candy, telling TODAY that he was bored during lockdown and wanted to cheer himself up with a bag of M&M's. As of February 2022, however, the hard-earned record is finally Kelbie's alone.