Pringles Just Teamed Up With Hot Ones For 3 Spicy New Flavors

Pringles is known for offering a wide variety of flavors, and now the brand has three new ones to add to the list inspired by the internet's spiciest talk show Hot Ones.

Created by First We Feast, the YouTube talk show features host Sean Evans asking celebrities hot questions while eating even hotter wings. Famous guests include A-listers like Dua Lipa, Idris Elba, Paul Rudd, and most recently Josh Brolin. Inspired by co-creator Chris Schonberger's misadventures in college using hot sauce as an unconventional ice breaker, Hot Ones uses the same disarming spice to coax a rarely seen level of humanity from most celebrities that choose to tolerate the heat.

Like Pringles, Hot Ones is no stranger to collaborations. They've bottled their own sauces with Heatonist, worked with charities like Common Threads, partnered with figurine makers Yootooz, and even launched a line of boneless bites sold exclusively at Walmart. Now, the spicy show is bringing the heat to a new line of Pringles cans that you won't mind getting your hand stuck in.

When you can score Pringles new Hot Ones flavors

Inspired by three Hot Ones hot sauces, per a press release sent to Tasting Table, the new Pringles Hot Ones flavors are the classic, Los Calientes Rojo, and Los Calientes Verde. The classic will be a Circle K exclusive that releases this July, while Los Calientes Rojo and Verde will both release nationwide in June. Rojo will be a Walmart exclusive and Verde will be found at multiple retailers.

A lucky few will also get to try their hand at a can of Pringles flavored like Hot Ones' notorious The Last Dab sauce. Named for the optional extra drop of sauce that graces the final wing of the lineup, The Last Dab is the hottest of the Hot Ones. The Verge shares the sauce was created by Heatonist using a "proprietary pepper" (Pepper X) that the company claims has a higher Scoville rating than even the painfully spicy Carolina Reaper. If this ultra-spicy Pringles flavor sounds like something you need to try, 400 fans will be selected to receive the exclusive chips by entering the Show Us Your Hotness Sweepstakes. Spice lovers can enter by scanning the QR code on any can of the Hot Ones Pringles flavors and following along with the onscreen prompts. More details can be found online beginning May 30.