Ranking 19 La Croix Flavors From Worst To Best

It's official: Super sweet sodas are out, and flavored sparkling waters are in. They have the intense fizziness you crave from a soda but don't have that syrupy feeling that leaves you thirstier than before. They're delicious, satisfying, refreshing — everything you want in a cold drink. And although there are countless sparkling water brands out there, one of the most popular brands is La Croix. The brand's seemingly '90s-inspired, colorful cans advertise a wide range of flavors from the simple (like the classic lemon) to the more unexpected (like the pastéque, also known as watermelon).

With so many different options to choose from, you may not know what flavor to pick up the next time you're in the drinks section of the store. Luckily for you, we've done some backbreaking research to determine which flavors are worth trying and which are better left on the shelf. Honestly, we're huge fans of the brand, so we can't say that any of the flavors are bad options, but here's how we think the different flavors stack up, ranked worst to best. Choose which one sounds best to you, and happy sipping.

19. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom LaCroix sounds amazing, like you'd be sipping on a can of spring, surrounded by flowers with birds chirping in the background. Unfortunately, that's not quite the experience you're going to get with this flavor. There's definitely a strong floral note here, which has some appeal, but we don't think it's executed well. While many of LaCroix's other flavors are on the subtler side, the Cherry Blossom is very heavily flavored. When you take a sip, it almost feels like you're spraying perfume on your tongue.

If you have some Cherry Blossom LaCroix on hand, we suggest using it as a mixer for springtime cocktails and mocktails. That floral quality has the potential to taste amazing when paired with fruit-forward ingredients that can round out its rough edges. Add some acid from lemon, lime, or even grapefruit, and you'll be good to go. But on its own? Unfortunately, we're not huge fans of the Cherry Blossom flavor.

18. Coconut

If you love coconut water, there's a chance that LaCroix's Coconut flavor is going to be one of your favorites in the lineup. It has that combination of a full-bodied, thick mouthfeel that still leaves you feeling hydrated — just like what you'd expect from coconut water. But if you ask us, that sensation with carbonation isn't a completely pleasant experience. It felt like they couldn't decide what kind of drink they wanted to make and decided to switch it up halfway through.

What's more is the fact that, although this beverage isn't actually sweet (as it doesn't contain any sugar), it does leave you feeling like you just drank something sweet. It's not super pleasant if you're not craving something with a warmer flavor profile, which probably isn't what you want when you grab sparkling water. We think this flavor would work best mixed with an espresso and accompanied with a slice of lime, where that coconut flavor is really allowed to shine.

17. Peach-Pear

LaCroix named the Peach-Pear flavor after two separate fruits, but somehow, the result doesn't really capture the essence of either. There's definitely a stone fruit note in there, which we attribute to the peach. But if you're expecting the flavor you get when you bite into a fresh peach straight off the tree, you're likely to be disappointed. And the pear? It's hard to pick up on. It mainly just tastes like not peach, a distraction from the flavor that could've been the star of the show all on its own.

Peach-Pear LaCroix isn't terrible, but of all the fruit-forward flavors in the lineup, this is one of our least favorites. It just doesn't have a super-distinct flavor to it like many of the others boast. Plus, the flavors that are showing up are just too strong. When you buy sparkling water, you want the flavors to be as subtle as possible. You're not drinking a soda, after all. Therefore, we'd never put the Peach-Pear flavor at the top of our must-taste list.

16. LimonCello

First up is a flavor we were really hopeful about: Limoncello is a lemon-flavored Italian liquor that's both incredibly sweet and tart. Sipping on the stuff after you've finished your dinner on a hot summer night is a massive pleasure, so we were excited to capture a bit of that feeling in the LaCroix LimonCello flavor. However, we were a bit disappointed with what we got. Of course, considering that LaCroix doesn't contain any sweetener, we weren't really expecting this drink to be sweet, but it seems like LaCroix replaced all that sugar with a slight vanilla flavor.

If you like vanilla Coke, then this LaCroix flavor is probably going to do it for you. But for us, that slight hint of vanilla was unnecessary. It masks the more refreshing, citrusy flavor of the drink. Of course, the LimonCello flavor could work well as a mixer, if you're trying to make a LaCroix cocktail or a fun virgin drink. But when it comes to a LaCroix that we'd want to sip all on its own, we can't say that the LimonCello flavor would be our first choice.

15. Pastéque

Wondering what exactly the Pastéque flavor of LaCroix tastes like? "Pastéque" means "watermelon" in French, and although we get that's what the brand was going for, it kind of feels like it missed the mark. This watermelon flavor tastes more like a watermelon Jolly Rancher than real watermelon. For those who love the candy, that could actually be a good thing — it has a light, nostalgic taste to it that some of us grew up enjoying. But for those who are looking for a touch of real watermelon flavor, this drink is likely to disappoint.

Like the LimonCello, we think that this drink would be great as a mixer for a cocktail or other drink. But on its own? It's fine, but definitely not our favorite flavor and certainly not one we would go out of our way to get. Basically, either you won't mind the artificial-tasting watermelon flavor, or skip this one entirely.

14. Beach Plum

We had high hopes for the Beach Plum flavor of LaCroix, but unfortunately, we weren't too impressed. Does it taste like plum? Kind of! But, not really. When you first take a sip, you get a fruity, plum-like flavor, but it doesn't seem that strong. In fact, this flavor seems like one of the least intense options. But once you let the aftertaste kick in, it's easier to pick up on that plum flavor. The problem is that, like the pastéque, it tastes kind of artificial. Not really in a bad way — it's just not what we're looking for. That intense aftertaste makes the drink slightly less refreshing, but it's not bad enough to keep us from downing a can on a really hot day if there weren't any other options.

Although we were disappointed by this flavor (because it sounds so good!), we don't want to be too hard on LaCroix. Incorporating natural plum flavor into a drink isn't too common, and we think the brand got relatively close to their target. However, with so many other LaCroix flavors that we absolutely love, we couldn't rank Beach Plum any higher on our list.

13. Mango

Mango is one of those flavors that's notoriously difficult to capture and transform into something else. The fruit's bouquet is so strong and so distinct that few products that don't actually contain any mango can replicate it. That's certainly true when it comes to LaCroix's Mango flavor. Although it does have a tropical flavor to it, we wouldn't describe it as anything close to the flavor of mango if it wasn't suggested on the can's label. Rather, you get a strong, fruity, slightly floral flavor profile that tastes vaguely summery.

The real problem is that mango is such a standout fruit because of its combination of acids and sugars. Mango can be exceptionally sweet, but unlike many other sweet fruits, it has quite a lot of acidity that balances out that sweetness. The effect of these flavors coming together is absolutely delicious, and you don't quite taste that in a can of LaCroix. But if you're just looking for a fruity sparkling water? Mango LaCroix should do the trick.

12. Lemon

Is there anything wrong with the Lemon flavor of LaCroix? No. So, why is it so far down our ranking of LaCroix flavors? Basically, there's just not that much going on here. You get that slight lemon flavor you'd expect, and it's good, but it's not particularly exciting. And considering you can get lemon-flavored sparkling water from pretty much every other sparkling water brand, there's nothing that sets LaCroix apart from the pack. Since LaCroix can be more expensive than other generic sparkling water brands, we probably wouldn't opt for this one over another brand's.

That being said, you know exactly what you're getting with this product. Sparkling water and lemon are a classic combo, so you're not likely to be disappointed with the essence of lemon. We just don't think it's worth paying a premium to get LaCroix lemon-flavored sparkling water, but if you're super loyal to the brand and citrus is your go-to, you're going to love every sip.

11. Orange

For those who want to sip on a summery, refreshing drink, the Orange flavor of LaCroix is the way to go. We were surprised that this flavor doesn't taste artificial at all — instead, it really tastes like fresh orange juice has been squeezed into the can. Before you even take a sip, you'll likely notice the aroma of fresh citrus wafting from this sparkling water. We're not sure how the brand captured the flavor of oranges so perfectly, but it makes every sip enjoyable.

That being said, the orange LaCroix ranks lower on this list because the flavor is a bit intense for our taste. While we love how natural it is, it's quite a strong taste of orange. We prefer a sparkling water that's a bit more neutral-tasting with just a hint of fruit. But this drink tastes like it's almost bordering into canned soda territory. Like many of the other flavors on this list, the orange flavor is still a solid mixer. However, if you're a true orange lover, you may personally rank this way higher on your list of the best LaCroix flavors.

10. Lime

Like the lemon sparkling water, the Lime LaCroix flavor is nothing too out of the ordinary. Pretty much every brand of sparkling water is going to sell a lime flavor. However, we happen to enjoy LaCroix's lime slightly more than other lime sparkling waters we've had on the market. It's not a super-noticeable difference, but it seems like LaCroix's lime is tarter than others we've tried, and we're here for it. That extra touch of tartness makes every sip more refreshing, and it gives the bubbles even more zip.

One of the reasons we like the lime flavor so much is the fact that it's just super simple. You're not going to have to guess if you're actually going to like this drink — you pretty much know what you're getting into. Sometimes, we don't want anything too wild and would rather stick to the classics. When that's how you feel, the refreshing Lime LaCroix is the way to go. We didn't give this LaCroix flavor a higher ranking simply because it's not extra-special or groundbreaking, but it's a solid option you almost certainly won't regret.

9. Tangerine

If you know you already like Orange LaCroix, there's a good chance you'll going to enjoy the Tangerine flavor even more. Although the orange LaCroix tastes very natural, the tangerine seriously seems like it's as fresh as can be. Not only do you get that lovely, slightly sweet citrus taste you'd expect from a tangerine, but it's almost like you can taste some of the pith as well. The flavor has a slight bitterness to it, but not in a bad way. Rather, it just balances out that sweetness nicely, offering a more rounded citrus flavor profile.

Unfortunately, you don't see tangerine-flavored LaCroix everywhere, so if you do happen to find it, it's worth grabbing to give it a try. Some who prefer a simpler flavor might opt for the orange over this citrus selection, but to us, Tangerine LaCroix ranks as a real winner. This sparkling water would work well as a mixer, but we think it stands strong on its own. Plus, you won't find this flavor from every other sparkling water brand.

8. Razz-Cranberry

Red fruit flavors are some of the most reliably enjoyable flavors out there, which is why you'll see so many strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and cranberry-flavored products in the grocery store. The Razz-Cranberry flavor combo from LaCroix is a great example of this kind of flavor's popularity. Can you really pick up on the raspberry or cranberry notes specifically? If you ask us, not really. Rather, you're just going to get a generally fruity-flavored drink. That being said, that kind of mild, unremarkable taste makes this flavor especially drinkable — pretty much nobody is going to turn this stuff down.

The Razz-Cranberry is not our absolute favorite LaCroix flavor, but it's pleasant enough that we would keep some stocked in our fridge for whenever we felt like a bubbly pick-me-up. If you're looking for a solid, generic sparkling water that has just the right amount of flavoring in it, you're probably going to be a fan of the Razz-Cranberry flavor from LaCroix.

7. Black Razzberry

We love a berry-flavored drink, and the brand delivered when it released the Black Razzberry LaCroix flavor into the world. This black fruit-forward sparkling water is one of the more highly flavored of the bunch, but we like it in this case. The tartness of the berries stands out here as opposed to the slight sweetness that some of the other flavors boast. So it's not like you're losing that refreshing LaCroix quality because the flavor is too strong. Black Razzberry is delicious; it's not overly complicated, and we bet that most people are going to enjoy it.

However, that being said, we're not entirely sure what LaCroix means by "black razzberry." Does it taste like raspberry? Kind of, but that's not all we're picking up on. There's definitely some blackberry flavoring in the mix and maybe even a hint of black plum and blueberry. All that comes together nicely, but if you're expecting a straightforward raspberry or blackberry experience from this sparkling water, you might be disappointed.

6. Key Lime

You know that we're already big fans of lime LaCroix, but you may be wondering why there's a key lime sparkling water in addition to the standard lime. How could the two citrus flavors possibly be that different? But we're here to report that there's a big enough difference to land these two LaCroix flavors on our ranking list in different positions. Although we love the refreshing simplicity of the plain lime flavor, Key Lime LaCroix ranks as one of our favorite citrus flavors of the bunch.

First of all, this sparkling water features the tart acidity you would expect from anything lime-flavored. It's lovely, light, and not overwhelming at all, which makes this drink a solid option for sipping solo. But then, you get an added touch of something special: The key lime flavor seems to have a sweetness to it — LaCroix invokes the flavor of a graham cracker crust. That makes this flavor feel a little more two-dimensional.

Key Lime laCroix isn't always available at your local grocery store, so keep an eye out to snag this flavor when they get it in.

5. Guava São Paulo

Looking for a tropical taste unlike any other sparkling water flavor you've had before? Give the Guava São Paulo flavor from LaCroix a try. At first sip, it's hard to tell what's going on here. This flavor is much stronger than many of the others we've tried, but we don't mind the potency in this case. At first, we noticed some floral notes that tuned us into the fact that we were about to try something special. Then, the fruitiness hits you. Guava São Paulo tastes sweet, but, of course, since all of these drinks contribute to eliminating sugar from your diet, that sweetness doesn't have the mouth-drying effect common with sodas and other beverages with refined sugar.

The fruity flavor isn't the most natural we've tried on this ranking, but the slight candy aftertaste is actually really, really pleasant. Just a word to the wise: You're going to want to chill this LaCroix flavor. While some sparking waters taste fine whether they've been in the fridge or not, we think that the Guava São Paulo really benefits from a nice chill. And who knows? It may just become one of your new favorite flavors of LaCroix, as well.

4. Passionfruit

If you ask us, passionfruit is one of the most elite fruits in the world. The nondescript pinkish-brown exterior of the passionfruit hides luscious, juicy, yellow seeds if you break into it. There's little in the world that's more refreshing than those lovely, thirst-quenching seeds, which is why we think the Passionfruit flavor of LaCroix is so perfect. The brand seems to capture the essence of passionfruit perfectly while providing customers with an ultra-refreshing sparking water that doesn't get old after the first few sips.

This drink tastes a little tropical, but we wouldn't really describe it as sweet. Rather, you're mostly picking up on the tart flavors here. However, that's not to say that this flavor is too simple — it has just enough complexity to keep things interesting. And because we generally don't see other sparkling water brands offering passionfruit-flavored drinks, we think that LaCroix was pretty creative for coming up with this flavor. Snagging a spot in our ranking list in the top three, the Passionfruit LaCroix is a no-brainer when it comes to the best thirst-quenching LaCroix options.

3. Hi-Biscus

For all the floral lovers out there, do we have the flavor for you. The Hi-Biscus LaCroix is seriously one of the best flavors that the LaCroix brand has ever made. The first things you'll pick up on when you take a sip of this sparkling water are the botanical flavors. But it's not too floral. You know how sometimes, hibiscus-flavored drinks can taste like you're sipping on a liquid bouquet? You're definitely not going to experience that with this drink. Rather, those floral qualities are balanced nicely with a tropical fruitiness that'll have you going back for sip after sip.

As one of the less common flavors of LaCroix on store shelves, the Hi-Biscus also feels special when you manage to snag a box for yourself. If you're ready to expand your horizons and try a new sparkling water, the Hi-Biscus is definitely the way to go as one of the highest ranking LaCroix flavors on our list.

2. Pure

Sometimes, you just want to go back to the basics, which is why the Pure LaCroix flavor is one of our all-time favorites. Pure is, as the name suggests, the least fussy of the flavors, probably because it's actually not technically flavored at all. Rather, it's just plain sparkling water. When you want a drink that's ultra-refreshing, there's nothing better than the plain, unadulterated stuff, especially when it's hot outside, and you want to take a huge swig of your drink.

We also love that the Pure flavor is so versatile — you can use this water for pretty much anything you want to add bubbles to. Need some fizz in your mocktail? Pour in some Pure LaCroix. Want to transform your tea into a sparkling beverage? This unflavored water is the best way to go. Of course, you can pair your LaCroix with whatever else you're drinking, but we think it's at its best when it's plain with nothing else but a slice of lemon.

1. Pamplemousse

Last but certainly not least, we have the Pamplemousse LaCroix. If there's one flavor that has reached iconic status in the sparkling water world, this sparking water is it. Pamplemousse is a favorite LaCroix flavor for so many people, and for good reason. The light, citrusy taste isn't too sweet or overwhelming — rather, it just makes the drink as refreshing as can be. Although grapefruit is known for featuring a slight bitterness, you won't really find it in this drink. That being said, we still feel like this grapefruit flavor tastes super natural, so don't worry about harsh artificial notes.

Since this flavor isn't too strong, Pamplemousse is the kind of drink you could throw back at lightning speed. The best word to describe it is "chuggable." And while we are huge advocates of getting enough (plain) water in your diet, we can't deny that Pamplemousse LaCroix might just be the most refreshing drink in the entire world — there, we said it! If you're looking for a good place to start your LaCroix journey, let Pamplemousse be your first sip from the sparkling water craze.