Dominique Crenn Is Bringing Celeb Chefs Together To Raise Money For Ukraine

Celebrity chef Dominique Crenn is leading a new effort to raise funds for World Central Kitchen's ongoing hunger relief efforts in Ukraine. While Russia has been accused of targeting Ukraine's food supplyWorld Central Kitchen has supplied more than 16 million meals and supplied more than 8 million pounds of food to Ukraine and neighboring countries as the ongoing war heads into its third month of conflict. One of World Central Kitchen's headquarters in Ukraine was also recently hit by a Russian airstrike.

Wine Spectator reports the Atelier Crenn chef and co-owner has organized a squad of celebrity chefs to join her and chef Ming Tsai for a live online baking event on May 11, where global citizens will bake together in a moment of unity.

"Chef Crenn's vision to create a global moment of unity — a profound moment where people across the globe literally break bread together — is so compelling and beautiful," World Chef CEO and co-founder Mike Duffy told the outlet. "We're living in tumultuous times, and we firmly believe in the power of food to unify people and raise funding for the extraordinary work chef José Andrés is doing at World Central Kitchen."

Crenn and other stars bake bread for a good cause

Crenn will be joined for the Chefs for Unity initiative by celebrity chefs including Eric Ripert, Daniela Soto-Innes, Curtis Stone, Massimo Bottura, Tom Colicchio, René Redzepi, Grant Achatz, Nancy Silverton, and World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés himself, per Wine Spectator.

"I created Chefs for Unity to bring people together," Crenn told Wine Spectator. "On May 11, people all over the world will come together to break bread at the exact same time. We will use this powerful moment to celebrate our similarities and to understand that, no matter where we are in the world, we are all human. It is an honor to raise funds for Ukrainian relief and support my friend chef José Andrés at World Central Kitchen." The Unity Bread Kits can be purchased online from World Chef, and all proceeds will go to benefit chef Andrés' World Central Kitchen hunger-relief efforts in Ukraine. Included with the pain de mie meal kit is a 2022 membership to World Chef's services.

Crenn is no stranger to helping out a good cause. In 2019, she held a fundraiser to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation (per Wine Spectator), less than a year after Crenn shared her own breast cancer diagnosis publicly on Instagram