How José Andrés Is Helping Ukrainian Refugees In Poland

Fans of José Andrés probably know what a hands-on humanitarian he is. (Andrés was even honored by the Smithsonian for his impressive contributions this year.) While the chef certainly champions several important causes — like eliminating food waste and teaching kids about cooking and why vegetables are so important — most would agree non-profit World Central Kitchen is one of his greatest achievements. 

Started in 2010, World Central Kitchen has become a go-to responder to help feed those in need in the wake of all kinds of disasters worldwide by hiring and mobilizing local chefs and food suppliers in addition to providing volunteers and support. And that's exactly what Andrés is doing at the border of Ukraine and Poland. The celebrity chef recorded a video of himself at the border and shared it with Twitter on February 27, explaining how and where his team is offering aid to the refugees from the war with Russia.

Chef Andrés wants people to know the reality of the crisis

The over three-minute video was accompanied by a caption reading, "People of the World ... Reporting from the Ukraine border! This is one of the places @WCKitchen has hot meals. It is below freezing tonight & I am meeting so many refugees, families who are escaping & don't know what's next ... We will do our best not to let them down! #ChefsForUkraine." In the video, chef Andrés explains that World Central Kitchen has set up locations all along the Polish border, as well as in Romania, and it plans to establish more locations in other countries too. The non-profit is also supporting restaurants inside Ukraine, saying how important their role is in keeping people fed.

But this is just phase one, according to the chef's video. "I think we've done a good job in less than three days," Andrés said. He estimated World Central Kitchen has provided more than 8,000 meals in just one location already. Phase two is sending people to shelters, and phase three will be to set up community kitchens within Ukraine after peace is reached. "I'm going to make sure we don't fail," Andrés promised.