Why You Should Never Get Rid Of The Liquid From Canned Beets

Deliciously sustainable, beet juice is seriously underrated. While not as popular as other canned vegetables like corn or green beans (via USA Today), canned beets are an honorable underdog, and so is their liquid. Plain or salted, you should never get rid of the liquid from canned beets because it is completely edible!

Canned beets are an easy alternative to fresh beets but boast a longer shelf life and are convenient to eat without the hassle of peeling and cooking. Nutrients aren't compromised either—canned beets are a good source of vitamins, nutrients (potassium, folate), and antioxidants as well as fiber (via WebMD). Because the liquid that beets are packed in also contains juices directly from the beets, there are benefits of keeping the beet brine.

The liquid also stores incredibly well. Leftover canned beet liquid can be kept for up to seven days in the refrigerator (via USDA), or you can even transfer the liquid into freezer trays and use them later to give your recipes some oomph!

How to use the liquid from canned beets

According to Foods Guy, canned beets are typically packed in water, sometimes with added salt or sugar. While some actual beet juice is found in the liquid, it tends to be bland, making it the perfect ingredient to revamp your favorite recipes.

Check the ingredient label before adding any juice to see whether the packing liquid is salted. If unsalted, beet liquid is super easy to add to any recipe. Foods Guy suggests adding a splash of beet liquid to a smoothie or mixing it into sauces and spreads. It can even be used as natural food coloring when baking. Alternatively, if a recipe calls for water, simply replace it with the unsalted liquid from canned beets to boost color and nutrition.

Alternatively, beets packed in salt brine can also find use in the kitchen. Add the salty red liquid to savory recipes like soups and stews for a creative and sustainable way to enhance the dish. Just remember not to oversalt your creation beforehand since adding in the salted beet liquid can significantly increase the amount of sodium. As Healthline notes that "beets boast an impressive nutritional profile," the liquid beets are canned in may also contain some nutrients.