Dunkin's Savory Munchkins Flavor Is Inspired By A Southern Classic

The tagline "America Runs on Dunkin" seems to be truer every day. The coffee-focused chain — which also, incidentally, sells donuts — has been on a rapid ascent over the past few years, with its brand valued at almost $9 billion in 2020 (via New York Times). Whether Dunkin's success can be attributed to its ever-expanding selection of coffee drinks or its fun secret menu items is anyone's guess, but whatever the reason, Dunkin' customer satisfaction typically runs high, according to Forbes.

Part of what keeps sippers and snackers flocking to Dunkin' is likely the brand's willingness to mix things up, frequently adding new and improved menu items such as last month's Shamrock Shake competitor, the Shamrock Macchiato. Fans of the brand also look forward to its playful limited-edition merch, like the recently announced Carter's collab or last year's Backdrop house paints. And today, Dunkin' announced an expansive new spring lineup that includes a donut and Munchkins inspired by a classic Southern baked good.

A sweet-savory donut and Munchkins option

If you love homemade cornbread — the Southern classic that's often baked up in a cast-iron skillet — then you might want to head to your nearest Dunkin' to check out the chain's spring menu, which is launching today. According to a press release, Dunkin' is now offering a handful of new drinks, coffees, savory items, and desserts, with a new cornbread donut and corresponding Munchkins variety among the more intriguing of the batch. Calling the offering "a new comfort food staple," the press release describes the cornbread items as "the perfect sweet and savory bite."

Dunkin' customers are known for hacking its menu to come up with a variety of drinks and snacks, and the new menu acknowledges this by adding a favorite secret menu item to the official Dunkin' lineup: the cake batter iced latte. This drink has been DIY'd by customers for years, according to the release, and features batter-flavored espresso, whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha, and plenty of rainbow sprinkles.

These spring menu items appear to be around for a limited time only, so be sure to hit up your local Dunkin' soon if you're interested in seeing how they stack up against your at-home versions.