KFC's Bizarre Mother's Day Promo Features A Fried Chicken Bouquet

Mother's Day isn't complete without a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate. But this year, KFC wants to add one more item to that must-have list: fried chicken. The fast food chain has set out to make Mother's Day 2022 extra finger lickin' good by partnering with flower delivery service Proflowers. According to a press release, the KFC-themed flower arrangement, also known as The Kentucky Fried Buckquet, can be ordered for a limited time between May 1 and May 3 (Mother's Day this year falls on May 8). The promo is only available through the KFC mobile app, KFC website, and the Proflowers website, so make sure to plan ahead if you think this is something mom won't want to miss.

Per the Proflowers listing, The Kentucky Fried Buckquet includes a dozen multicolored roses and a glass vase with a KFC applique, as well as eight fried chicken skewers and a card with "To the best mom" printed on the front. The fried chicken isn't included in the arrangement, but that just means you can easily customize it to your mom's liking, whether they prefer wings over drumsticks or extra crispy to original.

How to order the Mother's Day Kentucky Fried Buckquet

When you order flowers, typically you'd go through a florist, but if you're ordering the Kentucky Fried Buckquet, don't go straight to Proflowers. You'll end up paying $50 for the flowers plus the additional cost of the fried chicken. Instead, as per the recommendation in KFC's press release, you'll want to order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal on the KFC app or website. As long as you place it between May 1 and May 3, it'll come with a promo code that can be redeemed for a free Mother's Day Kentucky Fried Buckquet. As soon as you've placed your order, you'll receive an email with your promo code and a link to order your free flowers from Proflowers.

Can you eat the fried chicken from the Buckquet during your Mother's Day brunch? While the press release doesn't explicitly say not to, it does advise you to order extra chicken if you plan on using all eight pieces included in the KFC Sides Lovers Meal for your arrangement, so we would guess no.