Trader Joe's New Ube-Flavored Snack Has Shoppers Excited

If you're a fan of Trader Joe's, then you probably enjoy the chain's seemingly endless variety of store-brand foods. Its snack-filled aisles overflow with everything from tortilla chips to granola bars to crackers to chocolates of all stripes (via Trader Joe's). In addition to its regular customer favorites, the store often mixes things up with seasonal or limited-time products that attract it a dedicated following online.

Take, for example, the ube offerings at Trader Joe's. A purple yam native to the Philippines, according to Nylon, ube is sweet and fragrant, often showing up in desserts. Due in part to its intense, photogenic color, the ingredient has expanded far beyond the realm of Filipino food, making its way into vibrantly purple ice creams, donuts, and even cocktails

In previous years TJ's has sold ube-flavored snacks, including ice cream and cookies, and it hasn't stopped there. Trader Joe's Instagram fan account @veggie_at_traderjoes recently spotted an all-new ube snack on the store's shelves.

Shoppers are grabbing these ube-flavored pretzels

Ube is back on Trader Joe's shelves, this time in the form of mini pretzels coated in an ube-flavored yogurt shell. TJ's-watching Instagrammer @veggie_at_traderjoes posted a photo of the pretzels, sharing with followers they found the flavor to be "The perfect combo of salty and sweet." Later, fellow Trader Joe's fan account, @traderjoeslist, reshared the photo, joking the product broke the internet. Commenters on both posts seemed pretty pumped indeed, declaring their plans to run out to the grocery chain as soon as possible to try to get their hands on a bag of the new purple treats. Shoppers were also left wondering if the chain plans to bring back any of the previous year's ube-flavored products, calling out specific ones they hope to see return to shelves.

If you've never tried any of Trader Joe's ube offerings, you may be wondering if they'll live up to the hype. Luckily, it appears the flavor is pretty popular among customers. As one Instagrammer who commented on @traderjoeslist's post summed the matter up: "TJ's knows how to bring all the Filipinos to the yard!"