This Australian Festival Is An Ode To Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is fuel. It's an art form. To call garlic bread a side dish is blasphemous. Have you ever walked into a pizza shop and left without pizza? So have we — and the Melbourne food truck park Welcome to Thornbury shares this enthusiasm, which is why on Saturday, April 30, it's bringing back its annual Garlic Bread Festival.

Welcome to Thornbury describes the event as "a whole day dedicated to celebrating and eating garlic bread." What does that involve? According to Thornbury's website, foodies can expect to see a variety of classic and "experimental" garlic breads. It promises burgers with garlic bread for buns, garlic bread arancini, and even garlic bread Bloody Mary's. For carb enthusiasts, this is sure to be something of a religious holiday. 

The festival will feature such fine garlic bread purveyors as Nuggies, Welcome to Garlic Town, Porcupine Eatery, Lardass Butter, and more vendors still to be announced.

What is Welcome to Thornbury?

Welcome to Thornbury is a permanent-fixture food truck park in Victoria, Australia, near Melbourne. The spot boasts one of the biggest beer gardens on the Northside and spaces available to rent for private parties. In total, Thornbury is 4,000 square meters in size (that's over 13,000 square feet), features both indoor and outdoor seating, and hosts up to 700 hungry patrons a night, per Concrete Playground.

Mr. Burger and Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks are permanent vendors at Thornbury, but the park also hosts a rotating cast of food trucks that changes daily, with a larger variety on weekends. Visit Melbourne says foodies can encounter everything from "burritos to bibimbap and bagels, baos to burgers" on a given day at Thornbury.

Thornbury is accepting table reservations for the garlic bread festival for parties of up to 30 guests large -– but, if your party is smaller than six, just swing by on foot during the day and check out the festivities.

The festival is scheduled from noon till late. According to Concrete Playground, children are welcome until 8 pm and dogs can stay all night long.