15 Coffee Creamer Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

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As the "Gilmore Girls" character Lorelai Gilmore said, "Everything in my life has something to do with coffee." If you and Lorelai are two peas in a pod, this article is for you. 

There's a wide variety of coffee lovers. Some take their coffee black and scoff at anyone who doesn't, others drink it in the forms of lattes, mochas, and even Frappuccinos. Many people fall somewhere in the middle, though; they like the taste of coffee but enjoy it more when it's supported by a complementary flavor. That's where coffee creamers come in. Just a small pour can turn a potentially bitter encounter into a sweet one.

Coffee creamers have come a long way since the days when they were only available as flavorless powders stored in plastic tubs. Now, brightly-colored bottles line grocery store shelves in flavors inspired by everything from caramel to vanilla cannoli crème latte. They also come courtesy of many types of milk; everything from oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and more. You could probably have new coffee creamer in your cup every morning for the rest of your life! If you're now creamer-curious, check out our list of some of the most popular ones. 

15. Splenda Coffee Creamer

Splenda puts a lot of emphasis on the health factor with its product marketing. Their website throws everything it's got into the "we're fewer calories" advertisement, and yes, for someone with a condition such as diabetes, Splenda offerings like the diabetes care shakes may truly be an answered prayer. While zero carbs and zero calories are curiously impressive and could be all some people need to prompt substituting Splenda for anything that normally calls for sugar, what exactly makes up this miracle stuff? 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Splenda derives from a process that chemically transfigures your typical sugar molecules into a new substance called sucralose, and, along the way, makes it 600 times sweeter than real sugar! The company uses the crystals found in their now-famous little yellow packets to sweeten their coffee creamers. They come in the usual flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, and sweet cream. All this to say, it is a decent way to make your coffee tastier, but if you're not as concerned about your sugar intake, some other creamers on this list might be more up your alley.

14. Almond Breeze

Someone had a brilliant mind to turn the wholesome, delightful, and nutritious almond into another wonder altogether — almond milkWhile it's now seen as an indicator of the trendy directions food products are heading (more and more every day,) almond milk is nothing new. It is relatively new in America, at least, and the bevy of almond milk products in the refrigerated aisle is almost overwhelming in its variety and scope. One of the most popular and prolific brands is Almond Breeze, a brand whose products are almost everywhere dairy milk is and are made from the classic Blue Diamond almonds of California.

This brand is comfortably established enough to get wild with their new creations; there's even a banana blended almond milk, which tastes as close to a drinkable banana cream pie as you're ever going to get in your milk. If Almond Breeze has converted you to its great non-dairy milk, it's worth trying out their coffee creamers. The flavors currently available are vanilla, sweet crème, and caramel.

13. Market Pantry (Target)

Target is known for having, well, everything. Its Market Pantry line is known for being less expensive than name-brand options, via CNBC, and often is a nice change to mix things up a little. The creamers are no different. While the best selling point for Target's products, as opposed to the more recognizable ones, is probably the price points, they'll still do the job almost as well (if not better to some people).

Target keeps things simple, with only two flavors available, French vanilla and original. They are also shelf-stable creamers, so there's no reason to use it all up before it goes sour. The original flavor is a nice and mild unobtrusive addition that enhances your everyday morning brew. For those of you looking for a no-fuss, no-frills, no-nonsense, no-waste way to make black coffee more palatable while still keeping it as close as possible to the bean itself, this brand is exactly what you're looking for!

12. Nutpods

Nutpods is a newer line of plant-based creamers that is steadily gaining popularity and appearing on more grocery store shelves. The cute and funny mini cartons (pods) seem to pop merrily into your line of vision and tempt you to try them instead of your usual go-to. And why not give in? There is a lot to love in these little packages. They come in a variety of sizes and from various nuts, and some of the flavors are truly attention-grabbing (in a good way). 

Do you enjoy a warm slice of coffee cake alongside your morning cup of coffee? Well, why not up the ante by flavoring your coffee with some almond and coconut blended creamer that tastes just like your breakfast. There's a coffee cake Nutpod for that very need. Or maybe you've now gotten all fancy and traded in your unexciting peanut butter for delectable cookie butter and just can't get enough of it. There's a cookie butter Nutpod for you! Just be aware that not all of these delicious flavors will be available in stores, so you may need to order them online. It's worth the wait!

11. So Delicious

This coffee creamer option is made from coconut milk or oat milk for a cup of coffee that's "So Delicious." Now that the punny name has been dropped, here are some details about the product. This brand is a staple and has quietly been serving up dairy-free frozen desserts, cheese alternatives, yogurt alternatives, smooth plant-based beverages, and pleasantly flavored coffee creamers for a remarkable 30 years. 

With the whole lineup being certified vegan and non-GMO Project Verified, So Delicious is a great choice for both the dairy-conscious and planet-conscious; the brand takes great pride in the positive impact it leaves on the environment, its employees, and its consumers. Try the nuanced, hearty addition of the creamy vanilla oat milk creamer, or the slightly tropical and candy-like caramel coconut milk creamer. Splash one into your travel mug next time you're running late to work and experience the small joy that comes from a good cup of coffee.

10. Dunkin'

Extra, extra, read all about it! Dunkin' (previously of Dunkin' Donuts) has some very creamy coffee creamers that you don't have to drive and pay extra for. If you find yourself going to Dunkin' every morning on your commute and spending way more than you need to, try this instead: Make your coffee at home. And the next time you're at the grocery store, pick up the at-home Dunkin' creamer so you can have your coffee in hand before you even get in the car. Sounds both delicious and efficient, doesn't it? 

Dunkin' must have some sort of secret up its sleeve to get its signature lattes, mochas, and beverages so distinct. Now it shares the secret with the world because you can get that distinct flavor profile every time with some of its Extra Extra creamers. It's made with (extra) real cream and (extra) real sugar. It comes in a vanilla extra extra flavor, the original extra extra flavor, and is available in single-serve packs so you have plenty of ways to customize your coffee. Those jolly, bold orange and pink brand colors wake you up every time! 

9. Milkadamia

Not long ago, dairy milk alternatives were much less common than they are today. Soy milk burst onto the scene and stole the show, opening the floodgates for more options. Almond milk quickly followed, then coconut milk, oat milk, and more. But one of the dark horses in the race is macadamia nut milk. If you've never had it, possibly because it's typically more expensive and harder to find, you're missing out on a unique and delicious choice. Milkadamia is the most prolific brand to make the most of this nut. Their products keep the macadamias in their purest state (raw, not roasted) and play up their smoothness. 

Milkadamia is very allergen-friendly: It's vegan, lactose-free, and non-GMO. Milkadamia coaxes customers with aesthetic hand-drawn carton designs and eye-catching fonts. There's even a pun on the logo: "Moo is moot." Cue Joey Tribbiani from "Friends," "It's a moo point. It's like a cow's opinion; it doesn't matter. It's moo." Too bad he wasn't talking specifically about the dairy/nondairy competition, but that was a bit before his time. The creaminess of macadamias makes them the perfect nuts to turn not only into milk but coffee creamer. If you're someone who likes their coffee in latte form, you might want to try Milkadamia creamers. They come in a few flavors, including unsweetened vanilla, vanilla, cinnamon, and chai.

8. Silk

Silk is a recognizable dairy alternative milk. The company began over 25 years ago in Boulder, Colorado, where it took a gamble on soybeans and was questioned for doing so. But what then seemed wacky now seems blasè, so they expanded from soy into oat milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, and even an intriguing new variety they call NextMilk. For those interested, alternative yogurts are also a thing and Silk does them pretty darn well. 

As for coffee creamers, you have a great array of choices to mull over. The basic almond milk creamer comes in many flavors, including a hazelnut one like so many other brands have, but not so fast: This one's toasted hazelnut. And sweet cream is great and all, but what about a twist of crème brulee? Oat milk creamers, if those are more your jam, make the most of their flavor profile with an oatmeal cookie option that would pair nicely with, duh, an oatmeal cookie. If you're a fan of the classic soy milk, no one has your back like Silk; the original soy creamer is your best bet. 

7. Planet Oat

All the oat milk lovers arise — this is your time! Seriously, oat milk is basking in the spotlight being trendy and found everywhere. But, in all honesty, it does deserve it. While oat milk tastes very different from cow's milk, when judged by its own merits and for its own sake, it tastes divine. Oats provide the beverage with a pleasant creaminess that almond milk lacks and a complex, homespun flavor that does indeed remind us of a dessert. Planet Oat is one of the reigning kings in the oat world and offers some delicious creamers.

Coming in with four delicious flavors, Planet Oat is one to watch out for. Sweet creme oat milk creamer is a great way to get the oat milk tasting as sweet and decadent (and reminiscent of full-dairy ice cream), as possible. French vanilla is always a pleasant pick that you can never go wrong with. Get extra sweet with caramel if you want to mimic a caramel macchiato. But the best of all? Like the aforementioned Nutpods, Planet Oat presents you with coffee cake creamer to go in your coffee. What a sweet treat.

6. Starbucks

Now it's getting serious, isn't it? Starbucks consistently brings its best drinks every time, and its coffee creamers are no exception! When the coffee behemoth came out with a line of creamers in the summer of 2019, coffee drinkers either rolled their eyes or exclaimed with delight. While a drive to a Starbucks location is typically a short one (since they're basically everywhere at this point), you can forgo it entirely by buying your favorite flavor at the same time you buy your bread and eggs. Keep a stockpile of these creamers in your fridge for that Starbucks experience at will. 

Sure, not every single flavor that can be pumped into a latte is available for the at-home barista. But there are some really good ones to try and also plenty of rotating seasonal ones. Take, for example, the queen of autumn; the pumpkin spice latte. Whenever the first cool breezes of fall come around, some of these creamers will breeze onto the grocery store aisles. Caramel macchiato, white chocolate mocha, and toffee nut latte are all luxurious, familiar, and delicious ways to liven up coffee (whether the coffee itself is made from Starbucks beans or not).

5. Elmhurst

Elevating things with some under-the-radar elegance, Elmhurst offers some of the tastiest creamers ever. Also, get a load of these fun facts: The creamers are dairy-free, carrageenan-free, certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and devoid of any artificial flavors. You can feel super good about your choices for your body and the planet when going for this one, and you'll feel really good when drinking your coffee, too. 

Elmhurst was established in the olden days of 1925 but underwent a major refresh in 2017 when the owner Henry Schwartz turned over a new leaf. He is quoted on the website as saying, "Making plant milk might have seemed like a radical turn after a life in dairy — yet to me it was perfectly logical, probably even necessary," and nothing was lost in the quality when he made the change. Just try that sophisticated pistachio crème oat creamer and you'll be right there with him.

4. Califa Farms

Califia Farms is a well-known plant-based milk company. Both the brand and its home state of California got their names from the legend of Queen Califia, and the products are quickly becoming their own kind of legendary. From milk to cold brew coffee and even juices, there's a lot to discover — and it's all quite tasty. A sip of their almond milk quickly makes you realize that there's almond milk and then there's Califia Farms almond milk. You've been missing out if you haven't tried it yet! It's very easy to see why their creamers would be just as good.

The "creamer that's cleaner" is entirely plant-based and made from nutrient-dense nuts. Their cinnamon roll oat milk coffee creamer has all the winsome, sweet, and savory notes of a fresh-baked breakfast treat, and pairs so well with the good roast of your favorite coffee. As they say, it really is hard to tell that it's dairy-free. If you're interested in a dairy-free half-and-half instead, they offer a cleverly named Better Half made from almond milk, and, for that extra lusciousness, not just coconut milk but coconut cream. 

3. Chobani

You've probably heard of Chobani, but not for its creamers. The company is now a giant and the No. 1 purveyor of greek yogurt in the nation. From starkly tangy and perfect plain to the playful Boston cream pie flip, Chobani has a yogurt flavor for every need or palate. The yogurt, however, is where many customers stop. This is a real shame because the brand has come out with some of the best coffee creamers that are here to change the game. 

As it turns out, the yogurt-making process that Chobani was already doing so well had a useful byproduct at its conclusion: cream. It was an excellent idea to pair that cream with real sugar, real milk, and real natural flavors — and that's it since the brand steers clear of artificial anything. Caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, and sweet cream are all great options. So the next time you reach for your usual yogurt tub, take a few steps over and grab some coffee creamer, too. You'll be glad you made the upgrade! 

2. Coffeemate

Well, aren't these recognizable! Down to just two coffee creamers, you are left with the very best of the best. There are so many delightful Coffee mate creamers available that it's a verified adventure every time you choose a new flavor to try. The brand's philosophy is straightforward: They love creating the creamers so that you love consuming them, then they get to repeat the cycle all over again. This explains the ever-evolving variety of products and flavorings over the past 50 years. It's been a good half-century over there! 

Coffee mate has branched off, also, into a line of natural and plant-based creamers under the umbrella of Natural Bliss. These include creamers made from oat, coconut, and almond milk, but also dairy milk options with more concise and comprehensible ingredient lists. The weird and wonderful are all the regular Coffee mate offerings, and some are cheerfully creative and downright delicious. Coconut crème is pie in a coffee cup, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is cereal in a coffee cup, and the glazed donut is a donut in a coffee cup. There are just so many options for what you can pour into your coffee mug! 

1. International Delight

If you've been drinking coffee while reading this article, there's a good chance you're now fully awake and maybe more than a little hyped up. Maybe your coffee was a simple instant coffee and all this talk of creamers has you ready to run to the nearest supermarket to try some of these improvements. If you're headed out to do your own taste test, you'd be remiss not to treat yourself to some International Delight

There's not much left to be said about creamers, but these special creamers are the dreamiest of them all — a true delight. There's toasty warmth in the Southern butter pecan. There are elegant springtime flavors in white chocolate raspberry. There's plenty of joy to go around in Almond Joy. And the best coffee creamer (in our opinion) takes you to Italy and is the perfect dip for a crunchy biscotti – amaretto. No matter what flavor you pursue, you're on a great journey when you choose one from this brand.