The Simple Trick To Add Flavor To Your Coffee

A good cup of coffee can be the difference between a decent day and a great day. Coffee is an important part of the American morning ritual with 70% of the country drinking coffee at least once a week and a whopping 62% drinking this caffeinated beverage daily, according to the National Coffee Association.

Moreover, 89% of people in the United States make their coffee in the convenience of their own homes rather than making a trek to Starbucks or other favored coffee shop. And when it comes to preparing your cup of Joe to drink, only 21% of coffee drinkers like their coffee black. That's right, most of us like our coffee with a little something extra in it. In fact, the remaining 79% like to add a little creamer, half-n-half, oat milk, sugar, or another flavor enhancer (via PR Newswire). 

But if you are among the vast majority who brew your coffee at home, we've discovered an easy trick that may be the game-changer you've been looking for to elevate your daily coffee and change up its flavor. Leave it to the internet to give us a whole new way to boost the taste of every sip of this favored beverage, and it all starts with a simple addition to your coffee grounds.

Add flavor to your coffee grounds

According to Pure Wow and Reddit, you can add sugar and spice directly to your coffee grounds before you brew your morning cup, and the result is perfection. Per Pure Wow, if you want to add the sweet and fragrant taste of cinnamon to your coffee, it is as easy as sprinkling a bit of this warm spice right on top of the grounds, and then brewing your java as normal. The Old Coffee Pot explains that you can also add cinnamon to your coffee grinder when you are grinding up your coffee beans for strong results.

If you are in pursuit of a more sugary taste to your cup of giddy-up, Redditors suggest you add sugar directly to the grounds before brewing. One Redditor noted that it might be a series of trial and error before you achieve your desired flavor, but you will eventually find the proper ratio. If you do like the taste of sugar in your coffee, Sip Coffee House recommends adding brown sugar instead of white to your coffee grounds because brown sugar dissolves more readily as your coffee brews.

What we really love about this trick is that you can experiment to create the flavor for your coffee that is perfect for your palate. Home Grounds shares that you can add anything from coconut oil to extracts to ginger to lemon zest to really shake things up with your morning brew.