The Best Way To Prevent Eggs From Sticking To A Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron has many virtues. According to Michigan State University, these cooking pans and skillets stand the test of time. They are heavy and durable. Cast-iron heats evenly, retains heat, and is perfect for searing, baking, and frying, including eggs. In fact, per Lodge Cast Iron, eggs and cast-iron skillets are similar because both are utility players in your culinary arsenal. You can cook just about anything in a cast-iron skillet, and you can turn eggs into so many different meals, including scrambled eggs, casseroles, omelets, Shakshuka, and quiche. Both are pretty amazing.  

But cooking eggs in a cast iron pan can be a bit of a sticky situation if you are not as seasoned as your skillet. For some reason, cast iron can cause your fried eggs to stick. Food Crumbles reveals there is no definitive explanation for why this occurs, but they note several issues can cause it. Whether reacting with the metal, contact with rough surfaces, or mixing them up incorrectly, there are many theories about what causes your eggs to stick to your cast iron. But if you are more interested in prevention, we may have found the best way to prevent your eggs from sticking to your cast iron skillet.

Heat and oil are key

Per Lodge Cast Iron, the secret to frying eggs in your cast iron pan so they don't stick all comes down to the oil you use and the temperature of your skillet. The makers of this wonder pan recommend using a 10.25-inch pan to make your eggs and heating it for just 5-minutes on medium-low before you get started. So how will you know when it is hot enough to add your oil? They suggest sprinkling a little water into the pan. If it sizzles, you're in business.

Next comes the oil. Butter or bacon fat is at the top of their list, but they also note you can use vegetable, coconut, or even canola oil. Whatever your choice is, make sure it coats the entirety of the bottom of the pan. Lodge Cast Iron further elaborates that you should not be afraid to turn the heat down. Because your cast iron skillet retains heat, your eggs will continue to cook, but you won't have the sticky mess to clean up afterward.