Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its New 4 Cheese Pastries

Is it possible to give your Monday morning some Saturday energy? Trader Joe's promises to make any day feel decadent with its new 4 Cheese Pastry Rolls (four to a box, not four cheeses). And judging by their reactions, shoppers are ready to introduce their coffee and tea to their new bestie.

On Instagram, Trader Joe's List posted a picture of the latest pastry to grace TJ's freezer section, saying that the new sweetened cream cheese-filled pastries were bound to give the grocer's beloved chocolate and almond croissants a run for their money. The proof is in the pudding on which flaky pastry will reign supreme, or rather, the lack of proof. That's because the new cheese pastry rolls can go straight from the freezer to the oven without proofing (allowing the dough to rise) the night before. Trader Joe's says you don't even have to preheat your oven, instructing consumers to place the frozen pastry on a baking sheet, place it in a cold oven, heat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and enjoy a flaky, sweet pastry in under 30 minutes.

List followers looking for a healthy snack with clean ingredients commented that this is probably not the treat for them. Others who don't mind a sweet, buttery treat are rushing out to get them and adding them to their weekly grocery lists.

How do Trader Joe's Cheese Pastry Rolls stack up against the competition?

A recent Instagram post from Trader Joe's List motivated shoppers to try the grocer's new 4 Cheese Pastry Rolls with their morning cup of coffee. One follower noted that they are very tasty and said they were already returning to the store to re-stock their freezer.

Avid pastry fans immediately noticed the similarities between Trader Joe's stuffed pastry and the Porto's Bakery Cheese Rolls and posted comments on how they compare. Porto's is a chain of bakeries in southern California that ships frozen baked goods nationwide, and one follower hoped that the Trader Joe's pastries taste just as good so they can save on shipping costs. Reviews are split between one person who says they are similar to Porto's and others who say they aren't the same and taste more like Sam's  croissants. Either way, shoppers agree that they look and taste delicious and are more than willing to test the sweet cream cheese-filled pastries out for themselves.

One List follower said, "I just called my store, and they have them in stock. I've never jumped off my couch so fast." Calling first is a pro tip, as many Trader Joe's products are available in select locations and regions.