Is Starbucks Closed On Easter Sunday 2022?

Between waiting for the Easter bunny to stop by, hunting for plastic eggs, attending church service, and preparing a special Sunday supper, there's a lot that goes on the day of Easter. But no matter how busy your day may be, there's always enough time for a good cup of Joe. If you're hoping to take a break from the festivities to grab a drink or a treat, a trip to your local Starbucks may be in order.

The holiday falls on April 17 this year, and according to Country Living, Starbucks locations are scheduled to remain open for the occasion. Keep in mind, however, that the store hours may differ slightly from their normal ones, depending on where you live, a Starbucks spokesperson confirmed to the publication. It's best to therefore use the Starbucks store locator either through the app or online to determine when exactly you can come in store or drive through.

Celebrate Easter with Starbucks' spring-themed drinks and cups

Most people go on egg hunts on Easter, but if you're a fan of Starbucks, you may end up going on a cup hunt instead. The coffee chain recently released a line of spring-themed cups and tumblers ahead of Easter, featuring floral designs and bold colors. But if you'd much rather drink your Starbucks out of a regular cup instead, there are plenty of seasonal drinks you can enjoy to celebrate Easter. Starbucks introduced a new Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso to their spring menu, along with the return of the Pink Drink and Dragon Drink, for those that prefer Starbucks Refreshers over coffee.

Though these drinks are available all spring long, just make sure to head to a standalone Starbucks location if you plan to order one on Easter Sunday. If your favorite Starbucks is located inside a Target, you can count on it being closed for the holiday.