15 Secret Menu Starbucks Refreshers You Never Knew About

Something we're grateful for is the plethora of great drinks to try at Starbucks. Even if you've perfected your regular morning order, sometimes you want to try something new. That isn't hard with an extensive menu, seasonal drinks, and tons of customizable options. Oh ⁠— and there's the secret menu. The secret menu was made by creative coffee-fiends who've mixed and matched menu ingredients to create original drinks. Scroll through TikTok, and you're bound to come across a vibrant drink with a unique recipe created by a Starbucks lover. The Starbucks secret menu isn't a legitimate menu the baristas have memorized, so make sure that you know the recipe before ordering.

The Starbucks menu has an array of coffees, espressos, and Frappuccinos. In 2012, the company released a new type of drink — the Refresher (via Insider). Refreshers are great for people who don't want coffee but still want caffeine. The fruity beverages are great mid-day sweet treats or light refreshments. Though Starbucks has a variety of Refreshers, the secret menu is filled to the brim with an array of different, innovative, and delicious flavors.

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Drink

The best Starbucks secret menu drinks are those that emulate delicious food. There are tons of secret menu Frappuccinos in this category, like the strawberry cheesecake Frappuccino. While there are tons of colorful, indulgent secret menu Frappuccino recipes circulating on the web, sometimes they can be a bit too rich, sweet, or heavy on the stomach for a mid-day treat. That's why Refreshers and their secret menu variations are so popular; they're creative and tasty, but not overly indulgent.

That's how we'd like to think of the chocolate-covered strawberry. Sure, it's a dessert, but it's got fruit! Good news: There's a Starbucks drink that tastes just like a chocolate-covered strawberry. To order this secret menu item, Coffee At Three says to ask for a grande Pink Drink. Then, ask for it to be topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam made with two pumps of mocha sauce. Dessert in a cup!

2. Firecracker Refresher

Many drinks on the Starbucks secret menu go viral not necessarily for their taste but for how they look. This drink called the firecracker is one of those. It is made with a few different drink mix-ins, and the finished product is a vibrant, colorful drink with a satisfying red to yellow ombré effect. It's both Instagram-able and tastes fruity and refreshing.

The name "firecracker" might refer to the notorious color-blocked ice pop we used to get from the ice cream truck, or it may refer to the taste of this drink, which is sweet, sour, and zingy like a firecracker. To order, Taste of Home says to ask for a Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, but omit the dragonfruit inclusions. Then, add a pump of raspberry syrup and ask your barista to top off the drink with unsweetened Passion Tango Tea. Make sure you ask the barista to pour the Passion Tango Tea on top so you get that satisfying ombré color!

3. Gummy Bear Refresher

If you've got a spare bag of gummy bears lying around, it might be a good time to go and order this secret menu Refresher. Since Refreshers are typically on the sweeter side, it is common for their secret menu variations to be inspired by different types of candy, like Sour Patch Kids. This Refresher is based on a candy classic: the gummy bear.

While we can't say that this drink tastes exactly like a gummy bear, it certainly tastes like candy in a cup (and we mean that in the best way). To get this drink, TikTok user @Salvaggio_Chris ordered a venti Strawberry Açaí Refresher without the strawberry inclusion and water. They add peach juice instead of water, two pumps of raspberry syrup, and order it with light ice, probably to make room for the gummy bears, which are "BYOB," for "bring your own bears."

4. Key Lime Pie Refresher

If we could eat dessert for every meal, we would, but that probably wouldn't leave us feeling too great. That's why certain Starbucks drinks are so wonderful: They taste like dessert. The key lime pie Refresher is made with a kiwi-flavored drink as a base and is topped with creamy, vanilla-flavored foam for that heavenly, smooth key lime pie texture, and a sprinkle of crunchy caramel bits on top.

To order this pie in a cup, ask for a venti Kiwi Starfruit Refresher with light coconut milk, vanilla sweet cream cold foam, and caramel crunch topping (via TikTok). Enjoy as a summertime treat or a post-dinner dessert on the go. However, note that, like most Starbucks drinks, the Kiwi Starfruit Refresher contains caffeine. A venti size packs in 45 milligrams of caffeine, which is nearly the same amount as a cup of coffee, so maybe don't enjoy this beverage too late in the evening (via Starbucks). 

5. Fuzzy Peach Refresher

Nothing says summer like a colorful bowl of ripe, juicy fruits. A good beach day isn't complete without a cooler packed full of fresh berries and seasonal fruits to ease the overpowering heat of the sun. For this reason, the fuzzy peach Refresher is like a tropical vacation in a cup. It's got plenty of fruit flavors, a bit of sweetness, and creamy, tangy coconut.

This pretty drink, created by TikTok user Niekarichard, makes us want to throw on a pair of shades and lay back on a poolside lounge chair with Justin Bieber's "Peaches" serenading us through the speakers. Try it out and see if you feel the same way! To order, ask your barista for a venti Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no dragonfruit inclusions. Then, add two pumps of vanilla syrup, peach juice, and light coconut milk. This perfect summer drink will make everything peachy keen.

6. Watermelon Refresher

You might be thinking that there's nothing better on a hot summer day than a crunchy bite of cold, juicy watermelon. You are correct, but we should note that the watermelon Refresher doesn't necessarily taste like a watermelon, but its green and pink colors make it look like one! Made with starfruit, vanilla bean, and Passion Tango Tea, it will taste sweet, tangy, and refreshing.

As you may have noticed, lots of Starbucks secret menu drinks go viral because they're just so pretty to look at. With a lime green color on the bottom and a vibrant hot pink on top, this is one of those drinks. To order the secret menu watermelon Refresher from Starbucks, TikTok user Misselenaious says to ask for a venti Star Drink with one scoop of vanilla bean powder. Then, for color, a bit of tang, and some extra caffeine, ask your barista to pour Passion Tango Tea on top of the Star Drink mixture.

7. Lava Lamp Refresher

Something about a lava lamp just screams of the '90s and makes us nostalgic for the times when an illuminated, slow-moving blob was a peak form of entertainment. The lava lamp Refresher is another Starbucks drink that is just as appealing to look at as it is to taste. The Instagram-worthy beverage is sour and sweet, made with tart lemonade, raspberry syrup, and fruity strawberry puree.

While most of the secret menu recipes we come across online are made by die-hard Starbucks fans who love to get creative, a decent amount of them are crafted by Starbucks workers themselves! The recipe for this drink was posted by TikTok user Beefanney, who also happens to be a Starbucks barista, so you know this drink is doable and delicious. They say to order a lemonade with half the pumps of raspberry syrup (if you ordered a venti, this would mean three pumps instead of the usual six), classic sweetener, and strawberry puree on top of the ice to give it that lava lamp look.

8. Luna Lovegood Refresher

There are very few things that we love more than Starbucks, and most of those things are related to Harry Potter. When we come across a Starbucks secret menu item that is Harry Potter themed, like the Butterbeer Frappuccino, it brings us so much joy, especially when it's inspired by one of our favorite characters! Luna Lovegood is whimsical, sweet to everyone, and always dressed in bright colors. As such, this drink emulates her best characteristics.

Created by the Starbucks secret menu queen, Totally the Bomb, the Luna Lovegood Refresher is a fruity and creamy treat that's great for any time of day or night. To order, ask for a venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade with light kiwi inclusions and light strawberry puree. Then, add vanilla sweet cream cold foam with strawberry puree blended in on top, and you've got a fun, unique beverage that we're sure Luna Lovegood would approve of.

9. Draco Malfoy Refresher

Maybe Luna Lovegood isn't your favorite Harry Potter character. If you're less of a fairies and sparkles kind of person and more of a snakes and Slytherin-green kind of Potterhead, there's a Starbucks secret menu drink just for you. The Draco Malfoy Refresher doesn't get its name because it tastes like Draco Malfoy. The drink is more so inspired by the distinct green that is the signature of Malfoy's Hogwarts house Slytherin. It's a creamy, fruity Refresher that is perfect for any time of day. An added scoop of matcha powder comes with extra caffeine, so it also works well as an energy booster (via Sweet Steep Tea Blog).

This secret menu item recipe is also from blogger Totally the Bomb. The recipe calls for a venti Star Drink with no inclusions. Ask your barista to add two pumps of pineapple syrup and top the drink with cold foam that is made with coconut milk and one scoop of matcha powder. With coconut, matcha, pineapple, and starfruit, this should taste almost like a tropical matcha piña colada.

10. Rose Gold Refresher

There's something about rose gold that is just so chic. You've got a rose gold iPhone or a rose gold watch, but is the drink you're sipping rose gold as well? It can be! The rose gold Refresher is, of course, shimmery pink and gold. It tastes fruity, light, and refreshing, with hints of mango, dragonfruit, peach, and raspberry.

We discovered a rose gold Refresher recipe on TikTok from none other than the notorious account, SecretMenuDrinks, and this specific drink has garnered over 125,000 likes, so it's got to be good. To order the rose gold Refresher, ask for a venti Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no dragonfruit inclusions. Then, ask for no water, but substitute for peach juice, and add two pumps of classic sweetener and three pumps of raspberry syrup. If you'd like your beverage to be a little less sweet, or if you're going to order a grande, order half the amount of sweeteners.

11. Sunset Drink

Although we see them nearly every single day, there's something about a good sunset that always feels magical and uplifting. Whether you live in a coastal area or amongst the mountains, a vibrant sunset is the kind of spectacle that anyone and everyone will marvel over. The Starbucks secret menu sunset drink is arguably something to marvel over as well, with a brilliant bold yellow and hot pink color-blocked appearance, and a tangy, fruity, tropical flavor.

Blogger Coffee at Three shares the recipe for the sunset drink, which starts with a base of Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher. Ask for no dragonfruit inclusion and add a splash of peach juice. Lastly, ask the barista to top the drink off with Passion Tango Tea for a satisfying, vibrant ombre effect. Something to remember is this drink is likely to taste less sweet than many others since there are no extra pumps of sweetener or syrups. The Passion Tango Tea is sugar-free (via Starbucks) and has hints of hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple, making this an overall tangy, earthy beverage.

12. Pink Matcha

Two super popular and highly-Instagrammed beverages from Starbucks are the Pink Drink and matcha latte. While both drinks are visually appealing — one with a beautiful pastel pink and the other a vibrant jade green — they both taste smooth, sweet, and creamy. Made with strawberries, the Pink Drink is fruitier, while matcha has a subtle, sweet earthy flavor. The popular Pink Drink started as a secret menu item and was in such high demand that Starbucks added it to their official menu in 2016 (via Real Simple).

The pink matcha secret menu drink is yet another artful color-blocked creation, with a layer of foamy matcha on top of the classic creamy pink drink. To order any size, Delish says to ask for a Pink Drink topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam made with one scoop of matcha powder blended in. Cosmo and Wanda, is that you?

13. Orange Drink

So, we all know about the Pink Drink. Did you know that there's also an array of secret menu drinks just as vibrantly colored? Secret menu makers online have created various bright drinks with fun colors, and the orange drink may be one of our favorites.

To order the orange drink, ask for a Black Tea Lemonade in whatever size you'd like. Then, ask for it to be made with half the normal sweetener. The recipe from Taste of Home calls for "peach tea," which could be the Starbucks Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion or the Iced Peach Green Tea. The Peach Citrus White Tea might make the drink more distinctly orange due to its tangerine color. To finish, top this drink off with a splash of soy milk to add a little creaminess. As you may have noticed, there isn't anything distinctly orange-tasting in this drink. In fact, it will probably taste more like peach, but the color will still be a nice vibrant orange, perfect for your summer Instagram pics.

14. Blue Drink

If pink and orange aren't your vibe, may we interest you in a blue drink? The secret menu blue drink is another eye-catching beverage with a distinct bold color. There is reason to believe that this drink is similar to Starbucks' Violet Drink, which was made with the discontinued Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and blackberries, giving it that distinct blue-purple hue (via Bustle). Unfortunately, the Violet Drink was discontinued by Starbucks, so customers will have to forgo the blackberries in the blue drink.

You won't be feeling any blues after drinking this beverage, so don't worry. With unsweetened Passion Tango Tea and a hint of vanilla, this drink isn't overly sweet, so you probably won't get a major sugar rush and crash after drinking it. Moreover, Passion Tango Tea is one of the only drinks on the Starbucks menu that has zero caffeine in it. Since the whole drink is caffeine-free in any size, it could be a good substitute for people who are trying to cut back on coffee, and it can be enjoyed at any time of day! The recipe for the blue drink goes like this: Order an Iced Passion Tango Tea, add coconut milk, and add vanilla syrup.

15. Strawberry Shortcake Refresher

The Starbucks secret menu is suffused with tons of indulgent treats, including Refreshers, lattes, and Frappuccinos. Some of the most viral secret menu items are decadent drinks like the Twix Frappuccino or the strawberry shortcake Frappuccino. While those are *chef's kiss,* sometimes a Frappuccino can be a little too indulgent for us.

Never fear, because there is a Refresher on the secret menu that is a bit lighter than the Frappuccino, and still tastes like a decadent strawberry dessert. According to TikTok user SecretMenuDrinks, the strawberry shortcake Refresher is made with a base of Strawberry Açaí lemonade Refresher, for the tart taste and berry flavor that is distinctive of a strawberry shortcake. After you order your Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refresher, ask the barista to add one scoop of strawberry puree and to top the drink with a vanilla sweet cream cold foam to emulate those airy layers of vanilla cake frosting. Enjoy!