Trader Joe's New Easter Candy Has Fans Excited

With Easter coming up soon, you may be starting to stock up on supplies for this year's treat-filled baskets. And luckily, Trader Joe's has released a new item that will pair perfectly with everything from Peeps marshmallows to chocolate bunnies.

According to the popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist, which shares info about new Trader Joe's products, the grocery chain just launched an spring-themed candy that will suit your seasonal needs: candy coated dark chocolate covered almonds. These chocolatey almonds look like miniature robin eggs, and their speckled candy coatings — in pastel colors like pale blue, pink, and green — only add to the festive effect. Shoppers who have tried the new candy overall gave the seasonal product positive reviews.

The almond-filled treats retail for $3.99, reported @traderjoeslist, and contain seven servings per package. 

Other seasonal TJ's products for your Easter celebration

In addition to the candy coated dark chocolate covered almonds, Trader Joe's is currently offering a handful of other snacks with a springtime theme. As @traderjoeslist posted on April 5, the brand recently brought back its spring gummies, a seasonal version of the always-popular Scandinavian Swimmers. Per @traderjoesfl, another Trader Joe's-themed Instagram account, the company's Spring Cupcake Mix is another new Easter party-friendly product. Each kit includes white cupcake mix, pastel green frosting mix, and egg-shaped caramel chocolate candies for decoration.

A returning springtime release from Trader Joe's is Springle Jangle, which describes itself as a mix of "fan favorite" candies on the packaging, a photo of which was shared by Instagrammer @traderjoesfoodreviews. The snack includes yogurt-covered pretzels, butter toffee peanuts, nonpareils covered in pastel sprinkles, and more. Lastly, also per @traderjoesfoodreviews, you can always go the classic route and stock up on jelly beans: Trader Joe's version comes in a mix of 18 flavors with colors derived from fruit and vegetables.

Because the chocolate covered almonds and other spring products are seasonal items, they likely won't be in Trader Joe's stores for very long — so if you're interested in adding any of these treats to your Easter spread we recommend grabbing them as soon as you spot them.