The Best Vegan Marshmallow Brands Ranked

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Whether you're concocting a creamy cup of hot cocoa or assembling a sizable pan of nostalgic Rice Krispies, marshmallows act as the delectable "cherry on top." These pillowy nuggets not only provide another layer of sweetness to any dessert, but they tend to tantalize the taste buds when it comes to texture. Now, most conventional marshmallows are made with gelatin, responsible for its distinguishable texture. But according to DelightedCooking, gelatin is made by distilling collagen from animal byproducts — therefore classifying most marshmallows as not vegan-friendly. 

However, there's no need for vegans to feel discouraged as some manufacturers have replaced gelatin with seaweed-based gels like carrageenan that work as the texturizing agent — formulating vegan marshmallows that emulate the real deal. Exciting, but a double-edged sword as vegan marshmallows usually contain an increase in added corn syrup and sugars. Regardless, if you're in pursuit of the best vegan marshmallows on the market, we have you covered.

9. Yummallo

It might seem semi-appropriate to say mahalo to Yümmallo, but you might want to think twice before giving a warm greeting. Yümmallo positions itself as the vegan marshmallow leader, curating a gooey treat you always crave — the ultimate s'more binder at any summer bonfire. It's also pertinent to add that Yümmallo Vegan Marshmallows are all-natural, gluten-free, fat-free, peanut-free, non-GMO, and proudly touts the vegan flair with bright green packaging. The alluring, "carnival-esque" branding is inviting, creating a "kid-friendly" aura. Yümmallo seems like a promising delight, but reviews on Walmart beg to differ, with an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars as of March 2022.

"Ate one marshmallow and that was immediately my last. I have tried other vegan marshmallows and these were not good. Taste was awful. They were very sweet and they kind of just dissolved in your mouth and left a sugary, grainy after taste. Don't waste your money on these," said reviewer Jasel (via Walmart).

8. Goodland Farms

Accessible via Amazon, you won't miss Goodland Farms with their bold monochromatic, artisanal packaging and standout label. Like other options in our roundup, Goodland Farms promises to always deliver all-natural, vegan marshmallows, never containing gluten, gelatin, corn syrup, or fat. Goodland Farms specifically suggests adding their craft marshmallows on freshly baked goods, cereal, or a piping hot cup of cocoa. They even provide customers with a vegan marshmallow caramel corn recipe!

Although there isn't a plethora of reviews to support the overall rating consensus, most customers seem to be satisfied. "These marshmallows are perfection! Vegan in search of s'mores!!! These are the right amount of sweetness and fluff! They are the large size, not minis. I opened them as soon as they arrived, never expecting them to be so delicious! Now they are hidden lol and I'm ordering another bag," said Susan S (via Amazon).

Outside of the positive sentiments, a few customers mentioned the expensive price tag and its "lack" of melting capabilities in hot chocolate, so you might want to proceed with a bit of caution.

7. Freedom Mallows

Touted as the vegan marshmallow made for everyone, Freedom Mallows makes the ultimate gelatin-free treat. Freedom Mallows' tried and true recipe was developed back in 2013, checking off nutritional boxes that cover perhaps every dietary restriction under the sun: non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, fat-free, nut-free, tree nut-free, along with zero corn syrup or palm oil. The ingredient list also complies with religious requirements like halal and kosher. Even if you fancy a specific flavor, Freedom Mallow comes in a vast variety, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. Essentially, no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or nutritional preferences you have, nobody is left out when it comes to these vegan delights. It's even suggested that these vegan treats hold the power to enhance any type of cookie, doughnut, sweet pizza, or ice cream sundae — a versatile delicacy in the vegan category, endorsed by numerous five-star reviews on Amazon.

"These are my go to marshmallows. They can be quite hard to find in stores without gelatin so I always buy online. Perfect for my vegan rocky road or in a hot chocolate. But I always end up just eating them straight from the bag. I find these are much softer than regular marshmallows — less spongy which I think is better!! 100% would recommend," said a U.K. buyer in a recent Amazon review.

The only downside to Freedom Mallows is the size — many customers complain that Mallows are too tiny to roast and they couldn't justify the price.

6. Mallow Puffs

Let's face it, when we bite into any ordinary marshmallow, we expect a pillowy, yet sticky-sweet treat that isn't necessarily too dynamic or robust in flavor. However, Mallow Puffs is challenging this notion with vegan marshmallows that are carefully and strategically dipped in creamy UTZ certified Belgian chocolate, making these treats a nice combo of rich taste and bounce. Also, if you think the mallow magic stops at vanilla dunked in chocolate, you'll be pleasantly surprised. You can also try vanilla bean, raspberry, and salted caramel (of course, all thoroughly coated in silky cacao). You can even pick up mallow bars, a quintessential on-the-go vegan snack and fan favorite.

"Mmm this was yum! The marshmallow bit was so smooth and tasty without being sickly, and the chocolate was lovely too. Decent in size as well, good for a wee snack," said reviewer Vegneve (via Abillion).

However, it's important to note that some of the flavors are a hit or miss. Rebecca K on Amazon mentioned that the raspberry tasted more like bubblegum and preferred the other flavors.

5. The Naked Marshmallow Company

When you strip down to the bare facts, The Naked Marshmallow Company is a bit more mainstream than other brands, but aims to remain artisanal, providing marshmallows that are all-natural and free of artificial ingredients, including a vegan specific line. They also position themselves as a "gifting friendly" company with a slew of mallow bundles to choose from, one being the Vegan Edition Gourmet Marshmallow Toasting set. Amused? Well, you should be. Not only does it include vegan vanilla and strawberry flavors, but you'll also get a marshmallow toaster and eight bamboo skewers. If this doesn't scream a romantic date night, then we're not sure what else will. Also, with over 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, it's a guarantee that you'll fall in love with these fluffy vegan nuggets.

"I got a s'mores set for a Christmas present and what a yummy discovery. The marshmallow is the best I've ever tasted. I ordered a vegan set for my daughter that was also very good (she said they were the best she had ever had) we've now ordered more to replace the ones that we devoured with relish. A definite favorite in our house," said Trustpilot reviewer Carole Fleming.

4. Plant Kitchen Vanilla Marshmallows

The well-known plant-based U.K. brand M&S might ring a bell for vegans, especially with an extensive product catalog of more than 50 items. According to Totally Vegan Buzz, M&S added "vegan marshmallows" to the Plant Kitchen line in August 2020, and completely hyped up its presence. M&S product developer Katy Patino underscored its potent vanilla flavor in tandem with the soft and squishy texture. Patino also commented that there's absolutely no compromise here — each marshmallow is meant to ignite that warm, comforting feeling. Good Housekeeping also added that Plant Kitchen Vanilla Marshmallows would pair exceptionally well with a cold milkshake during the warmer months or complement any hot cocoa delight.

Vegan food blogger, Taylor Tries, affirmed these sentiments, with her raving review of 9/10. She pointed out that these sweet fluffy gems splendidly melt in your mouth and the bigger size is optimal in comparison to mini ones that only bode well in drinks. Her only minor objection was around price and how they skew a bit more expensive than other "non-vegan" options. Overall, they're pretty close to an ordinary, non-vegan marshmallow.

3. Anandas

If you're scouring the vegan marshmallow land for something a bit more boutique and made straight from a quaint, cottage kitchen, Anandas is calling your name. According to The Vegan Review, the brand's main philosophy is 'We aspire to make quality, great tasting products for all to enjoy, without compromising on flavor."

They've been around the block since 2008 and only produce gourmet mallows in extremely small batches — of course, only including all-natural ingredients and fruit powders. The intrinsic fluffiness isn't artificial either, which is a plus, and all of Anandas' products are free of wheat, gluten, nut, and dairy. Now when it comes to the spectrum of delectable flavors, you can choose between rose and raspberry, vanilla, coconut, mocha, strawberry, caramel, and more! Another major bonus is the re-sealable packaging for camping trips, making the most optimal travel-friendly vegan indulgence the entire family will devour.

2. Trader Joe's Vegan Marshmallows

Per usual, Trader Joe's came to our rescue with vegan marshmallows. According to Spoon University, TJ's brought them to market due to customer demand. However, these bad boys are seasonal shelf items, and can't be purchased all year long.

"If you screw up and don't stock up on these At Trader Joe's during your tiny window of opportunity in the fall, these are your next best bet if you are vegan and don't mind paying the extra money (a whole lot extra). Desperate times call for desperate measures," said Amazon reviewer D.M.  

Also, according to food blogger, The Spooky Vegan, the simple ingredient list on these vegan marshmallows is enticing, only containing seven ingredients — soy protein, tapioca starch, tapioca syrup, cane sugar, water, carrageenan, and natural vanilla flavor. So, if you have a burning sweet tooth, these guys will do the trick. If you're in the mood for a tiny "hint" of sweetness, you can opt for the vegan mini's that are still formulated the same way.

1. Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

If there's one brand that nails vegan marshmallows and is "iconic" in most grocery stores, it's Dandies. Yep, that's right — you can find this brand at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, and even Thrive Market. In the plant-based community, these vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and allergy friendly treats are little superstars (via Dandies). With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, you can't go wrong (via Amazon).

"I love them so much. I recently went vegan and thought I wouldn't be able to have marshmallows anymore. This satisfied my craving, and dare I say I probably like them more than 'real' marshmallows. I love the slight vanilla flavor. So so good. I roasted them on my stovetop and ate the whole bag by myself in less than a week," said reviewer Rebecca on Amazon.

Dandies also carries a healthy selection of gourmet flavors, such as pumpkin, peppermint, and maple. Around the holidays, these flavors will surely make for a festive cup of hot chocolate.