Trader Joe's New Chocolate Bar Comes Packed With A Popular Cookie

Following the release of new products like Florentine LasagnatteokbokkiVegan Buffalo Dip, and Cinna-Dragons comes the latest from Trader Joe's: the Pinks & Whites Dark Chocolate Bar.

As you might have surmised from the name, this new chocolate bar is studded with the grocery chain's seasonal Pinks & Whites cookies — flower-shaped shortbread cookies decorated with a pink or white yogurt coating and colorful sprinkles (via Mashed). According to the brand's website, the 3-ounce bar is made with 54% dark chocolate, costs $2.99, and is embedded with pieces of the spring-time cookies and a few whole ones.

Though the cookies themselves are nothing new, the combination of the baked treats with chocolate is a confection that is turning heads. Why? It's a "beautiful chocolate bar" that is "so pretty to look at," Tara Miller, marketing director at Trader Joe's, said on the most recent installment of the chain's podcast, Inside Trader Joe's. In the same episode, co-host and vice president of marketing, Matt Sloan, stated that the new product looked like "three life preserver rings floating on a chocolate ocean" and recommended bringing it to spring gatherings.

What does Trader Joe's new chocolate bar taste like?

Trader Joe's has so many avid fans who usually love to try its new products, but some have decided to pass on sampling the Pinks & Whites Chocolate Bar. Mashed reported that shoppers shared mixed feelings about the brand-new item on online platforms like Reddit and Instagram.

The biggest reason for their objections? An ingredient list that many find too long. Popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist posted photos of the chocolate bar in its box, and the list of ingredients takes up a significant portion of the nutritional label. A user also noticed that the item contains palm oil, which is controversial for its associations to health concerns, such as heart health risks, and environmental impact (via Healthline).

Others, however, undaunted by the Pinks & Whites Chocolate Bar's lengthy ingredient list, have given it a try. The bloggers behind Sweet on Trader Joe's rated the confection highly. They described it as a "delightful bar" made with smooth, rich chocolate and something perfect to use in gift baskets because of the packaging. They also mentioned that having the Pinks & Whites on top makes two squares, instead of the serving size of three squares — the right amount for this "substantial and satisfying treat."

If you feel like this cookie-studded chocolate bar isn't for you, Trader Joe's has plenty of other sweet treats for you to try, like its new vegan oat chocolate bar that has been growing in popularity.