Trader Joe's Just Introduced A Spicy New Gummy

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Trader Joe's is no stranger to the gummy game. It has multiple entries in the product field with versions of both gummy bears (served on a chocolate bar) and the popular Scandinavian Swimmers making Today's list of Best Trader Joe's candies. There are so many gummies sold by the company that Gawker even ranked its chewy snack selection, including both your standard gummies — like their number one pick, the Gushers-like Gummy Tummy Penguins — and some unusually tasty gummy vitamins. 

With Trader Joe's existing gummies already getting a considerable amount of attention, it isn't surprising the chain chose to expand its line once more into a new shape and flavor. (Not only are its gummies popular, the chewy snacks are a big business poised to get even bigger. According to Candy Industry's 2020 annual report, sales of "non-chocolate chewy candy" rose over 5% in 2020 and were projected to continue that growth steadily through 2024.) Shoppers entering the sweets section of their local Trader Joe's this week made an unexpected discovery: here, there be dragons. Gummy dragons to be precise!

Enter the cinnamon dragon

Trader Joe's newest gummy treat was first spotted by Instagram users on March 3, selling for $2.29 per bag. Fan account @traderjoeslist speculated the gummies would "taste like cinnamon Swedish Fish," while Instagrammer @traderjoesafficionado said "they remind me of Red Hots but in gummy form," after trying the new snack.

The bright-red, dragon-shaped candies (officially called Cinna-Dragons) contain no gelatin, so they are vegan-friendly, and appear to be gluten-free. The description on the resealable bag calls them "soft and chewy" with a sweet-yet-spicy combination of flavors. "The sweet comes first, followed by a cinnamon-flavored fireball that will really grab your attention," reads the description.

While these cinnamon gummies might surprise you if you're used to the sweet variety, brands like Target's Favorite Day and Sweets also sell a version of the spiced treats.

It's too early to determine if the snacks will be a hit, but enthusiasm — or at least curiosity — on Instagram seems high. And at only 110 calories per 30 gram serving (the same as Swedish Fish) these spicy little dragons may soon find they have a lot of fans.