Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Impressed By Its New Oat Chocolate Bars

There's a new vegan-friendly Trader Joe's product hitting shelves: oat chocolate bars. The new spin on vegan chocolate bars were spotted at an Agoura Hills, California store and shared by Trader Joe's fan Instagram account @traderjoeslist on March 13. The oat milk chocolate bars, which are described as having "a smooth and creamy texture without the milk" on the box, clearly have fans excited, as the post had already received more than 10,500 likes just one day later.

This isn't the first vegan milk chocolate bar that the budget-friendly store has introduced. After months of development, Trader Joe's began selling an almond beverage milk chocolate bar in 2020, shared VegNews. Many (but not all) vegan chocolate bars are made with dark chocolate, which might be the reason, at least in part, Trader Joe's newest dairy-free milk chocolate bar is getting so much attention.

This is what fans are saying about the new chocolate bars

In their post about the new product, Instagrammer @traderjoeslist wrote, "I'm curious how the ground oats will affect the texture of the bars." One fan responded to this question, "Texture is very smooth and almost unnoticeable there's oat. Tastes similar to milk chocolate," while another shared, "They're really good and smooth, *but* they leave a tiny bit of an aftertaste that I noticed only because I ate something else right after."

In addition to being vegan, the product packaging states that these new chocolate bars are also soy-free, gluten-free, and kosher, making them great for people with a variety of diets and allergies. One comment cheered "Yay! For more dairy-free products," and another read, "My dairy allergic daughter loved it! I enjoyed it too." It seems the flavor and texture of these new vegan milk chocolate bars are worth trying, whether you follow a restricted diet or not.